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Show what you've made - at MADE

(Camilla) #1

The organisers of The Creative Entrepreneurs Fringe Festival @ MADE need your help to dress the event, and sell your work in mini pop-up shops.

  • They’re looking for people who make things like chairs, cushions, tables, mugs, glasses and all sorts of beautiful handcrafted objects to dress the stage and turn it into an inspiring space.

  • They’re also looking for makers who want to sell their work in pop-up stalls during the day. These stalls are free and there will be around 400 people coming to the event.

If you’re interested, email us at for more details and let us know what you’d like to bring or do.

You can read more about MADE and the Fringe Festival on our blog >>

The Creative Entrepreneurs Fringe Festival @ MADE
Friday 26 September
Memorial Hall, Barkers Pool, Sheffield S1 2JA

(Sophie Cooke) #3


ive sent an email to the community address but no had a reply and my comment on the blog as my entry for the ticket draw is still waiting to be moderated.

has there been a glitch as i didnt even receive an out of office from the email (like i woud do from the support address) or are things just crazy busy at folksy HQ?

just checking as i would hate to miss out due to a glitch :o(


(Camilla) #4

Sorry Sophie. All approved now, and I’ll get back to you about your email!

(Sophie Cooke) #5

awesome, thanks camilla :o)

apologies for being pushy!


(Sian ) unpinned #6