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Do you feel icky about selling? Do you ever feel stuck and alone? Do you love making but hate promoting yourself?

When marketing feels like a chore, it can sap the fun out of the business you feel so passionate about. Creative Sales Coach Leona Baker from Indie Roller aims to help you bin the box you think you have to fit into and shape a selling strategy fuelled by your own unique creative flair.

On Thursday 18th May at 11am (UK time), Leona will be giving Folksy Plus members a little taster of the fun she can help you bring back to your business with a Joyful Selling Party for Folksy Plus members.

Expect 90 minutes of creativity, connection and fun to shape a selling strategy that’s as unique as you are.

Sign up to the session in the Plus page of your seller dashboards or find more info here Join our Joyful Selling Party with Leona from Indie Roller | Folksy Blog


I tried to join this session with no success :cry: After not being let into the zoom meeting using the pc I tried again on my tablet as that’s what I usually use for zoom sessions, but still no luck, even after leaving and trying to join a number of times. I gave up after about 5 minutes of the session starting - so disappointing. Did anyone pick up tips they could share or will there be a summary?

18 May hasn’t happened yet. Maybe that is why.

Will this be available to watch afterwards? Ill be working at that time but i suspect id find it useful.

I’ve asked this on Facebook and Instagram and have not seen an answer yet. Hoping I can make it at 11 but would like to know if I can catch it later if I don’t.

:hushed::joy::rofl: Me having a senior moment, mixing up the time and date!!


If you’re thinking of signing up to the session but aren’t sure, our Folksy Local Team Captain for Wales Sarah from SisterSister had a Q&A with Leona on Instagram this afternoon about what to expect. Watch that here -

And yes, Leona has confirmed now that for anyone who can’t make it live tomorrow at 11am the session will be recorded and available to Folksy Plus members to watch later :slight_smile:


Thank you! Watched the Instagram live yesterday and looking forward to seeing the webinar today! :+1:

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I’ve had internet issues today which took ages to sort out. Where will I be able to see the webinar later? Thanks

Really enjoyed this, thank you so much for organising and to Leona who was amazing! She has such energy and it was an empowering session.
It helped a lot to know I’m not alone in my fears and worries about selling, lots of us feel similarly!


The recording is now available for Plus members to watch on our fancy new Plus events page -


I just finished watching that. It was very interesting, thank you!

I liked how Leona kept reminding everyone that marketing (and selling) is an ongoing process. Not about getting a quick sale. We should be looking at long-term & lasting success.


If anyone is interested Leona has a podcast available on Google podcasts called Joyful selling party. I’ve listened to a couple of episodes today and there’s loads of useful stuff in there. Particularly for shy sellers like me!