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Glue for card

I like to make boxes out of metallic card, I think its called mirri card.
I usually use double sided tape but it doesn’t always stay stuck so thought Id use pva, but Ive noticed it makes the card go a bit bobbly and ruins the look of it.
Is there a wet glue I can use that doesn’t have this effect on the card?

Hi @PoisonedAppleJewellery
I’ve used glue on handmade gift boxes before and I’ve used the 3 in 1 glue by Beacons. It’s really good. There may be another glue suitable for your boxes but I haven’t tried any other. I’m sure they’ll be some good suggestions posted in here. x :wink:

Have you tried pinflair glue? it comes with a syringe which you fill from the big tube so you can add a small amount very precisely, it takes a while to dry but I just use pegs/clips to hold the corners
or there is a super sticky double sided tape available which is really good but you have to be careful with your lining up as there is no 2nd chance if you get your corners wonky

I HATE glue!!! It always seems to wander off to places you don’t want it to go! (although i’m tempted by the Pinflair glue) Fred Aldous do and extra strong double sided tape that I use for my pewter. It comes in different widths…

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I use pinflair a lot for 3D work as well as where I need a strong glue that doesn’t stick instantly (I’m not brilliant at getting things straight first time :smile: ) also using the syringe means I don’t get a big blob where I only needed a tiny drop!

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I have a horrid feeling Ive just thrown away an old tube of pinflair. I hadn’t thought of using it on my boxes.

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I believe there is a type of glue out there that is a stick and not in liquid form…UHU perhaps?
I think I’ve seen it in shops and it is suitable for paper crafts.