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Small parcel got bigger

(Joy Salt) #1

My local post office lady has just shown me her new sized measuring box, just received, to check dimensions for small parcels - and it seems to have got a bit wider.
This is the new sizing - which I’ve extracted from the RM website - but can’t tell you what they were before.
Small Parcel Wide option
2kg 45cm 35cm 8cm
Small Parcel Deep option
2kg 35cm 25cm 16cm

(Pauline Hayward) #2

I sent a parcel under the bigger size yesterday 1st class and cost me the same price as before which is really good news because that means I will be able to reduce some of my prices on postage.

(Jo Sara) #3

Joy, these sizes have been in force since March.(The deep option was added, the wide option has been in for a couple of years now). Odd that your post office has only just received that box sizer. It’s actually getting even better for parcel sizes soon. From 20th Oct to 18th Jan Royal Mail are doing a promotion for the Xmas parcels and taking all the longest, widest sizes for small and taking a £1 off the price. So Small Parcel will cover 45cm x 35cm x 16cm and up to 2kg. And that’s reduced from £3.80 to £2.80 for the promotion period.

Details here -


(Joy Salt) #4

I thought it was an odd time to change things but Jo had only been sent that new box guide so we assumed it was new. This is a local friiendly post office so rules are a little more bendable than the one in town (which I refuse to use after objecting to a 5 minute lecture on how to pack glass safely - as if I didn’t already know !)

(Jo Sara) #5

Just realised what might have happened here Joy, that new box might well be the one for the changes on the 20th Oct. My post office showed me their new 45cm x 35cm x 16cm box yesterday.


(Joy Salt) #6

Yes it was thinking about it. It was the fact that it was both wide and deep which impressed us as I bemoaned the fact that I’d thrown a box away the day before as it was too big - but will be good from the 20th. Long may RM listen to our complaints about their restrictions.

PS: I’ve just realised an excellent source for boxes. (Multi- purchases / odd shapes have to go in boxes instead of padded envelopes).
My local garden centre has a big box by the door full of recycling - lots and lots of boxes -some in perfect shapes and sizes for me. My car boot is now full and I must find somewhere in the garage to store them.

(Jo Sara) #7

It does look huge compared with that shoebox size for the normal 16cm deep version at the mo. I’m guessing they might change back to the wide and deep options after the Xmas rush though. But, we’ll see. It would be nice if they kept this new massive size. Even nicer if they kept the special reduced price on it too :smile:

(Jo Sara) #8

Update on the reduced rate of £2.80 instead of £3.80 for a 1-2kg Small Parcel that was supposed to finish on 18th Jan, just heard from my post office that it’s going to continue to 29th March at least.

And the size of Small Parcel that combined the Wide and Deep options - 45cm x 35cm x 16cm - seems to be a permanent thing now, they think. It’s definitely continuing to the 29th March.

New price guide valid from 19th Jan -

All good news for small parcel senders :smile:


(Rosesworkshop) #9

My lovely post office lady gave me the latest leaflet, but basically it says that the Christmas special promotion for small parcel 2nd class will be extended to 29th March. Everything else is still the same. Next price review will be due end of March as usual.