Hell or Heaven

I wonder how many shop owners like myself have found that photography is the absolute bane of their lives. Like many I am sure I cannot afford a professional photographer. I have spend month and months on this and have finally cracked it, I think, at least to the best of my ability, my hubby is a genius, Use the Conservatory duh why did I not think of this. Well it worked, all round light and with the help of a photoshop programme I think my photos are the best they are ever going to be, so all my knitwear has to be shot. along with the rest of my jewellery and cards, oh lucky me. Tell me is this your hell or heaven, oh by the way my heaven is definitely Chocolate.


You may find that Heaven moves to Hell and vice versa when the seasons change and the sun rises in the sky and dazzles you through the conservatory windows.
I have to move about the house according to the light.

Absolute Hell!!! No matter what I try I can never get this right. Occasionally I end up with photos I’m reasonably happy with but, more often than not, they are very disappointing. Even with editing them afterwards I’m still not happy with most of them. It is my least favourite job - I dislike it even more than promoting!!

Photography is also the bane of my life! I also use the conservatory, in summer I use a fabric light tent to get even light or wait until an overcast day (of which there are plenty!).

My idea of heaven is a massive charcuterie plate with olives!

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Hate to burst your bubble but I remember discovering the conservatory and thinking I had cracked it - spent hours rephotographing loads of my products only to find half (or more) were unusable, the light had changed without me noticing. …and when the sun comes out, trying to get an even light is impossible! My only advice to you is to check your photos as you go and don’t get too carried away.

Having said that - I would rather be back with my conservatory than struggling in the gloom of the flat I’m in now - love the flat - hate the light!

Heaven - well I can think of lots of things to fill that category, photography isn’t one of them!

I listed this doll after taking a picture in poor light because it was such a dull day and then took the second picture the next morning. What a difference!


Yes, taking the pics is hard work, I too move around the house like Joy @JOYSofGLASS, according to the light. the conservatory is great at the moment but when the summer comes I have to use early before the sun comes round. I’ve also bought a daylight lamb which has been so useful, although nothing for me is as good as a bright day.

My favourite thing? not sure, too many things to choose from but probably my garden. :slight_smile:

Agree, photography is a nightmare! I had a camera I was happy with (just a cheap point & click digital) then it broke just before Christmas. I’m trying to get to grips with a new one, at the moment, and I’m sure it can do what I want it to, just can’t figure out how, right now. Driving me crazy as I have lots of new product photos to take. The light is so inconsistent, I can’t figure how to get the best with the settings; and the thought of taking all the photos then realising they’re useless & need to be re-done when I go to edit them is so disheartening… :frowning:

I hate the photography side of it . I have a day light lamp and a light box . Have tried a camera a mobile phone , inside and outside to no avail my pictures are rubbish . When I get a bit of time I will redo them . I have lots of jewellery that I have made and the thought of the photography well I would rather stand and iron all day lol

The one thing I did find is that a light grey background seems to work best for jewellery, especially on things like gemstones and pearls, Now chainmaille is a whole different kettle of fish, what a nightmare! I love making it but photographing it !!! . I have 3 daylight lamps a conservatory and I still have to use a photo editing program to help. Jacqui

Where did you get your daylight lamb, Tina? It sounds cute but hard to keep still :slight_smile:
Yup, photography is hard for me, too.

I have just two places in the house that’s any good for taking photo’s and they only work if the weather is right. I was taking some photo’s this morning, first it was too dull then the sun came out and it was too bright. My set up was on a small table I put near a window so I was able to tape a large sheet of white paper to the glass to stop the sun shining directly on the objects. I’d love a designated area that I could leave ready, it’s such a pain having to set it up then put away again.

Amazon, it was a set which included a daylight bulb, stand and bulb sheild
type thing. If I remember correctly it was about £20 - £30.

Tina :slight_smile:


Argh!! Just spent ages trying to take good photos, then ages sending them to my computer, then ages, uploading them to the Folksy listing page, then had to redo all uploading cos one pic was blurry and it got ‘stuck’ uploading one photo for 20 mins so I had to delete the listing and start over. This is valuable ‘making’ time! Moan moan…
I’m writing this while waiting for a set of pics for another listing is uploading. I lost patience and sent all 5 at once so I’m not holding my breath :slight_smile:
I’m blaming my broadband speed by the way, not Folksy!