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So who else is having a craft'y clearout?

My vintage fabric collection is getting out of hand so I’m having a good sort through and listing some vintage fabric
This is just the bags of fabric bought down from the attic!

And this it the pile I sorted out that I can force myself to sell !

I have spent the last 2 days taking photos and listing!!! mostly on ‘that auction site’ but I’m also putting some in my Folksy shop Vintage fabric supplies and lots more to come tomorrow
( under commercial supplies obviously not under handmade - except for my patchwork packs that take hours of cutting and sewing! )

I can’t be the only one destashing some materials that others would find useful so I’d love to see what you are making available to fellow crafters ?

I have been too. I have put a few mixed bags of beads in my supplies section. Theses buttons and agates(not beads)
I’ll be listing more buttons very soon as I seem to have tons that I didn’t even know I had ops

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I’m having a clearout of beads as well. I just need to wait for a day when the weather is reasonable so I can take some photos.

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Let us know once you have listed beads and I’ll come have a look. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a tidy up in my craft corner (mainly so I could get to my desk!) and sorted out a lot of papers etc. that have got torn or creased so our recycling bin was overflowing with pretty bits and pieces. I tend to use my shaped punches and cutting dies to get the most out of my papers but also have a tendency to hang onto even the smallest pieces of pretty paper ‘just in case’ I find a use for it but I’ve been ruthless and got rid of a lot of these :flushed:

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I’m not having a clear out as such, but I am going to make myself use up some of the crafty stash I have built up over the years before I allow myself to buy any new stuff. :blush:
Diane @DeesDesigns, I’m glad it’s not just me that saves little bits of paper, card and ribbons because they might come in useful someday.


I’m having a de-stash and have vowed to not buy any more wool for January and make items only from my existing collection of yarns. 3 items down so far but doesn’t even seem to have made a dent in my overflowing yarn mountain…

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My clear out yesterday (started with great intentions) just turned into a tidy up! I couldn’t actually get rid of anything so just shuffled around but was great to walk into a tidy studio this morning :grinning:

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I took about 40 old canvases down the tip this morning - they were all half painted from years ago, and I would have reused them, but they’ve been stored somewhere that got a bit damp, so the backs are mottled, and I can’t sell them like that.

A whole pile of assorted crafty bits that I’ve had for years and never used have gone to the charity shop - I don;t have time to do everything I want to do, so I’ve just kept my favourite things, and the other bits and bobs will raise funds for a local dog rescue charity :slight_smile:

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Haha this convo and seeing the pics has made me feel better about my bead obsession :smile:

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I’m sorting out ribbons and lace and a few bit of materials that will end up in my shop under supplies as well.

Me too, I have lots of things that need using up especially my fabric.

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I’m having a clear out of my scrapbook papers and vintage books that I bought to make in to junk journals…I’ve got quite a pile now and I’ll never get round to using them all. I’m going to list some on here soon.

I’ve now got lots of Vintage fabric FQ, patchwork packs and other larger pieces listed , check 'em out here

Also LOTS more available so contact me if you are interested or are seaching for something specific

One of these days. I’ll sort out all my pots of glass offcuts and sell them in 3/4 kg bags.

Not today,… too cold on the fingers.

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My little destash section….


I decided yesterday to start having a bead clear out. I started at 9.25am (just as Jezza was starting) and I finally finished at 17.15. It actually hurt to try and stand up as I don’t think I got up more than once in about 4 hours. It then took me until 11.15pm to label and everything and work out the costs and most of today was done taking photographs. I used to do craft fairs so I have 2 earring stands, 2 bracelet stands and about 6 busts that I no longer use that are taking up a lot of space to get rid of at some point as well. I was looking for something else today and I think that I need to have a good clear out in general !!!

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My #vintage fabric sort out continues - hopefully I will have ALL my fabric in one place ( my studio ) by the end of the week instead of in various places in house or attic. Much to my long suffering family’s delight ! I now have another 20 or 30 pieces of fabric to list either here or on that auction site. So lets hope for some good light for photos tomorrrow eh?

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I wouldn’t exactly call it a “craft-y” clear out, but I’m clearing out a previous venture to make more room for my arts and crafts stuff which is just piling up in corners.

I have over 900 baby/ toddler t-shirts and baseball shirts to sell as a job-lot - if anyone is interested in “pimping” them with some applique/embroidery, or would like to sell them as they are, I am open to offers; otherwise they are going on ebay at the end of Jan.

Here are a few of them.

Does anyone list ‘extra supplies’ in their shops? You know when you buy supplies but they may not be what you envisaged or are something you don’t use anymore from your craft stock?

Just wondering…else my extras will be going on that auction site.