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Sold to USA!

I’ve sold to Europe before, but I’ve had my first sale to America, who would have thought they would pay the postage, which is twice as much as the card they bought, Very, excited, I’m so easily pleased! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Congratulations, I had a customer asking to pay more for postage, I thought I hadn’t checked properly, but I was right :blush::blush::blush:

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I guess if you like something you like it!! I once had a customer in Australia where I don’t normally ship to beg me three times to send a clock out to her - the postage cost £17 same as the clock!!! And it arrived quicker than a letter sent to me from Manchester!!! At least now you can say you are international!!!


Well done! You’re cards are gorgeous - no wonder people in America want them.

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I sold my first couple items on folksy to America last week, great feeling. My first international sale and good to know that we are being seen all around the world.

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Congratulations Your cards are lovely

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Well done on your internationals sales may they continue :smile:
I’ve no sold internationally yet on here but isn’t it a great feeling when you do.

I’ve sold patterns to New Zealand both on ebay and via a knitting forum where I get lots of international customers but the come in droves.

You know what they say about waiting for the bus none come along then all of a sudden 3 came all at once lol

It’s great to know we can become internationally sellers :slight_smile:

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Thank you sooo much! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Yay Tina that’s fab :blush:

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It is lovely, I post quite a lot to America via my website and this morning I have had one for Australia (via the dark side). Most of my folksy sales are for this country tho, which is also great. The more the better.
We are “OUT THERE!”

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I have found that Americans value homemade much more than the British, hence the reason they are more likely to pay what its worth. Most of my sales on Etsy have been to the US.

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Does anyone worry about things like custom’s charges and unknown legal regulations when buying or selling abroad? I find the domestic postage and legal rules quite hard enough to follow… :-S and I’m really nervy about trying to sell internationally.

Congrats on your sale, btw DaisyWings :slight_smile:

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There are certain things you can’t export to some countries but you can look online for that information. It’s mostly to do with seeds, plants wood and any thing made from untreated wood for Australia and New Zealand,

USA threshold before they have to pay import charges is $200 and about the same for Canada.

Postage the best place to go is the Royal Mail website.

We have stick laws on the import of toys ie they all have to pass our CE regulations. Come to think of it I’ve seen things on here for babies that would not pass and therefore illegal to sell in the UK same with all those who make toys but don’t do the self assessing CE testing.

We are not responsible for working out or paying for other countries import customs charges.

We are responsible for paying VAT and custom charges for things we import.

Anything over £15 bought in from non EU countries is subject to VAT @20% plus the admin charge which with royal mail is another £8 which is the cheapest. That charge is more for couriers such as fedex, etc.

once an item is over £250 it’s not only VAT@20% but they’ll be another charge of Import Duty but I forget what the rate is. but all this can be found on the customs and Excise website.
Hope that helps.


Thank you!

Congratulations! I’m not surprised though - your artwork is lovely! I’ve seen some of it on Instagram :smiley: . I’ve sold items to America, Australia and Europe (sounds like a brag but it’s not - I don’t really make an awful lot of things!) and I always get a bit worried about sending things such a long way! It’s a great feeling though, isn’t it, to know that people all over the world are getting to see your work? I’m sure it won’t be the last time you sell to someone over there :grin: xx

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I’ve sold quite a few things to USA and Europe but the farthest I sent an order was Australia to a small town in the middle of nowhere where my Daughter just happened to be staying in on her travels! Everything I’ve sent internationally has arrived safely within 10 days except for India where the item I sent never arrived. It’s put me off sending to India.

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Thank you Angela! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear all of your overseas order’s arrived safe & well, hope mine does too! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

I feel it is good customer service to make sure I’m aware of things like the possibility of customs charges, though. I’ve been quite frustrated by the difficulty of tracing the country of dispatch over Amazon, though I’m yet to have problems. Having said, as this is a solely British site, it is perhaps less confusing from that sort of point of view.

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