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Some advice for wording for a card please?

HI all,

I’m making a ‘thank you teacher’ card (leaving it to the last minute as ever!)

The card has a picture of a child putting their hand up and has the following words under the image:

“Thank you for teaching me so much!” - and the last two words are in a slightly bigger font.

I’m just not sure how other people will take to this wording.

If it doesnt make sense to you or you just plain old don’t like it then please be brutally honest - I want to get this right.

How about, ‘Thank you so much for teaching me SO MUCH’ just to clarify? You could make the font bigger for both ‘so muches!’:slight_smile:


I like it…I get it…it would work for me.

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I like the way it has two meanings. Even if someone only spots one of them - both are appropriate.

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Thanks everyone. Was worried it might seem like bad grammar. I’ve gone for my original wording and printed some off.

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