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Sorry, I know this has been discussed before

…but I was shocked to see “just sold” item which was blatantly using an image from a popular CBeebies programme. The shop is full of copyrighted images which can be personalised. I can’t believe this person has had permission to use all these images. I know that Folksy Admin can’t do anything about it, but it so lowers the tone of the site. Just adding a name to someone else’s image is hardly a craft, anyway, so why is this person even here? Grrr!..


yep I saw it earlier and my heart sank as it brings down the Folksy image as a whole so brings down all our shops :frowning:

The only way to stop this kind of thing is report with the link to the Trademark Owner then leave it up to them to deal with it.

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So many trademark owners!..
You’d think Admin might ask them what craft skill they’re using…


I wonder if the charge for listing items should be increased. I would be willing to pay £2 or £2.50 per item and that might well drive shops like that off the site. It might be hard for Folksy to begin with, because they would also lose business from the “pile it high and sell it below cost” brigade, but in the long run it would improve the site, and they might end up with a bit more money for marketing.

Sam x

I think that might drive me off the site too, Sam :slight_smile:


It would mean I would be run off the site as well if that happened. As that would mean a vast increase in the cost of selling relates to a vast increase in the price of my items to the customer.

I don’t think customer would be willing to pay the extra cost and it is the customer that pays the extra cost.

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