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New on Folksy and advice

(Ludovic Cohen) #1

Hello everyone,

I opened my shop on Folksy a week ago and I would like to know if I should improve my descriptions, SEO etc.

Thank you very much,

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Errm I know this might upset you but you are braking copyright with your images.

The BBC will come after you for the Dr Who images. They can not only have your shop shut down but the worse is you could lose a lot of money.

Even worse you have images that belong to Disney ie Winnie the pooh, Alice in wonderland etc. Disney are very hot on protecting their copyright and trademark.

I would advise removing them all asap

(Brenda Cumming) #3

I agree, your items are lovely but copyright is a minefield and people DO get prosecuted . I don’t think it is worth the risk. I know someone who was taken to court over copyright and it ruined them.
I am SO glad that I paint and that everything I paint comes out of my head…

(Liz Dyson) #4

Copyright is undoubtedly your biggest problem, here, and is a real threat to your business. Also, I wonder at calling your shop In The Frame and showing all your pictures in frames when the frames do not come with the print.

I think a rethink is in order. Best of luck.


(Ludovic Cohen) #5

Thank you very much everyone for your advice which I will follow.

(Brenda Cumming) #6

Obviously I am not new on folksy but didn’t know where to ask this question. On my business cards, I have my folksy addy as I now notice that every addy says do I need to add the beta part now or will the old way still get people to my shop?

(Emma) #7

I would agree with the comments regarding copyright. You have some Beatrix Potter illustrations there and her estate would certainly prosecute. Personally I do not think it’s in any way ethical to make money from another artists work anyway.

(Juniper Spools) #8

Hi @teabreaks your business cards are fine. Typing the above address takes me straight to your shop.

(Brenda Cumming) #9

Thanks Juniper spools !!