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Steampunk style jewellery

(Natalie Stead) #1

I make steampunk style jewellery as when I was making chunky steampunk items they only went at alternative events and tattoo conventions… Is alternative jewellery selling on folksy as it only seems to be the tame jewellery that go x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

There is steampunk jewellery for sale here but Folksy is only a small site (incomparison to some of the others) and less well known so anticipate doing lots of promotion to get the right sort of people to your shop to make sales. (we all have to drive traffic to our shops even if we sell the tame stuff)
Had a quick look in your shop and you might want to tweek some of your titles as it wasn’t obvious what the item was from just the title (eg ‘lucky tea cup’ - would ‘lucky tea cup’ steampunk necklace get more search results?). Including the phrase steampunk in the title might also help people find it as there isn’t a category dedicated to it and so they would have to use the search function.
Hope that helps

(Natalie Stead) #3

Ive tried to change a little of the little bu some of my jewellery isn’t steampunk, and i don’t want to put people off the items that are only a little steampunk by adding it in the title as they might think they like the necklace but as there not a steampunk person its not for them… It sounds silly but everything seems to count with sales.
I have pintrest and folksy and twitter plus a shop and i sell at tattoo conventions so i push my folksy page constantly. Maybe one day it would be an idea to do what build your own website does and let people pay 50 pound a year to have the free listing and domain which separates our website from folksy… I might be completely wrong but theres a slight chance it might make a little difference x

(Nobias Art) #4

I think it has a market on here as well, but like Sasha said, change around your titles. For exemple I would never try to search “who framed roger rabbit”. Maybe describe the item instead of giving funny, but not popular titles:)

(Natalie Stead) #5

Thank you I’ll try change them all around. I didn’t think about it that way I just thought people found items just by the tags rather than the main title… I thought I was being clever giving them a cute eye catching name lol xx

(Sasha Garrett) #6

We all have to think like customers when we write our listings - some people search via the categories so we have to make sure we choose the right ones (when using the colours make sure you use all 5 spaces as one person’s salmon pink is another’s coral), some search by putting in key words. The title has better weighting in the search algorithum compared to the text so putting important words in the title or first paragraph helps get things higher up in search results. Colours and style (eg goth/ gothic, floral, retro) are the sort of things most people would put into a search function along with the item name (necklace, shoes, handbag etc) and a colour, I always ask myself if I was going to search for this on amazon what would I put in the search box. By all means name your pieces and put that info in the inspiration paragraph along with the story behind it, that sort of thing draws people in and they tend to remember quirky names and you might then get asked to make earrings to go with ‘lucky tea cup’. (does mean you also have to remember what you named things!)
Anyway I’m putting off writing listings of my own - my thesaurus skills are running out of inspiration.

(Natalie Stead) #7

I seemed to have tried different ways of titling my work but it’s not really drumming up any more interest. I wondered if me being dyslexic might be part of the reason why I cant think of ways to tag my work as people would write it in the search bar … If that makes sense. X