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Getting that first sale

(ohsewcolourful) #1

How do I get that first all important sale? I have had my shop for a few months, I’m getting some views but no sale as yet. I would really appreciate any feedback.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Your bags are very nice, but there are only a few listed for people to choose from. Also, the descriptions are very brief - the customer can’t handle the goods, so you need to make the most of the description space and really sell the product, point out all the good things about it, any unique properties etc.

Also, it helps if you fill in your Meet the Maker section, as people like to know something about who they are buying from.

Do you promote your shop anywhere on line?

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

How are you promoting your shop and how often? You might want to use more of your tags as well.

Also I just looked at your large striped bag and as a buyer I would want to see more before committing to buy. I’d like to see the inside of the bag, have in the description a bit more about the type of fabric it was made from. Measurements both in imperial and metric. You have 5 photo shots to use so try to use all 5. From what I can see the bags look pretty but you do need to do a wee bit more with more photo’s and fuller descriptions. Remember potential customers can not pick up your bag, feel it, check it like they can in a bricks and mortar shop.

I also for that type of bag would want to know has it been stress tested.

I stress test all my bags before they go into my shop. I do that by hanging them up by their handles with big heavy books in them for 24hours. This tests my stitching and the material.

Getting sales on folksy does take time so a couple of months is not really long enough.

Hope this helps and all the best

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(ohsewcolourful) #4

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I do have more items to list but haven’t because I was waiting to see how these would do. I’ll have a look at my descriptions again and also fill in some details about myself. No I don’t really promote my shop elsewhere on line. I do have a Facebook account which I use solely for my bags which I posted on when I first started but not lately.
I think I need to get to work.
Thank you

(ohsewcolourful) #5

Thank you for your advise, all of which are valid and helpful points. I don’t stress test them but I do make some of the bags for my own use and others have been given as gifts and are used by the recipients but that’s a good idea with the books, thanks.

(Susannah Ayre) #6

I have just had a look; if I was in the market for a new bag one of the things I’d want to know is the shoulder drop of handle rather than the length of the full handle itself. I’d want to know how high or low a bag would sit over my shoulder. The full length of the actual handle doesn’t help me much.
I would also say to lighten up your photos- sort of hard to see the colours, a few have some wonky backgrounds as well. You may want to have them as squares as that’s what folksy uses as the thumbnails? Just one was cropped out on the main shop screen I noticed.
I would agree with having more in the description too- it’s almost quite clinical in a way & there are a couple of typo’s.
Hope that doesn’t sound harsh!! I don’t mean it to!! But I think sometimes we’re too close to our own shops & items to see and it takes people with ‘buyer’ heads on to notice things- which is obviously why you’ve asked.
On the other hand if you’re happy with some things the way they are then I wouldn’t change them. :blush: Good luck in getting your first sale.

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(ohsewcolourful) #7

Thank you for your reply. Helpful point about the handle length, I have used the drop length before but changed it as I thought customers would see it as a short handle which leads on to the description needing to be more informative. And I thought making the bags would be the hard bit!

(Jo Sara) #8

Each listing costs 18p. If you filled your shop up so there was a nice selection for a customer to browse (say 25 items), it makes the page look nicer if it’s full of lovely stuff to browse rather than lots of white space. Would you go to a shop with 4 items of clothing spaced miles apart like exhibits, or into the one with racks of stuff to choose from? And the more items you’ve got, the more tags are working for you in the searches (you might want to try and fill the full 15 tag spaces up too), so more chance of being found. And the bag I’m after might be one of the ones you are hanging onto to see if the first few go before you list. So for the fiver you might spend on filling your shop, that’s got to be worth it as a marketing investment. Then make sure you tell everyone all these goodies are there. Find the social media sites you like using and you’ll be more likely to keep up with the promoting on it :slight_smile:


(ohsewcolourful) #9

Thank you for your advice. You’re right, it would be better to have more items to choose from, so I’ll try and build up my items and fingers crossed my first sale will come.