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How many items should you stock your shop with when new?

Hi everyone,

I have only just opened my shop and put my first listing on tonight.

Does anyone know how long Folksy promotes you as a new shop and how many different products I should aim for initially. I do have a whole armoire full of stock as I do sell at a few Handmade or Vintage type fairs but I struggle with the time it takes to list each item. However, I want to give myself the best chance I can so I guess more late nights could be in order!

Thank you so much,

Sarah x

The length of time you appear at the bottom of the front page depends on how many other new shops open after yours. There are always 3 shown but you can then be found via the see more section.
If you want promotion you must do it yourself. There is lots of helpful advice on this forum about best ways to promote.
You need to make good use of social media and you should set up your social media links against your shop and also make sure you link back to your shop here from social media, eg Facebook.
(I’ve just realised that you have your Facebook link - I’d forgotten it has just moved to the bottom of the page so missed it.
I see that you have an E*** shop and your facebook page points to that. You need also to point to your Folksy shop if you are to be found on here).

The more and better you promote the more likely your shop will be found by all those happy customers out there but unless you tell them you are here they won’t see you, except currently at the top of the new shop list.

Hope this is some help and good luck.

As for how much to list…a full shop looks more enticing than an empty one and the more varied your stock the more chance you have of attractinjg attention.

Joy xx .

Hi Joy,

Thank you so much for your response. I have found online to not really work for me but fairs and events work really well! I am not sure how to divide the 2 shops both with stock and how they are promoted. I am not very technical so that doesn’t help but I agree with you the more there is the better. I will work at night I think to get as much on as possible!

Sarah xx

Online works for me, far far better than any fair or event as they can be so random - but it can depend where you live of course.
My online only works though because I work at it and spend quite a lot of time in the evenings when not glass making, promoting.

It is tricky having stock in two places unless you do split it between the shops.
My problem is that I have a Plus account so all my listings here are effectively already paid for. If I list elsewhere I am paying twice which annoys me ! :slight_smile: so as long as I have a good market on here I stay just here… though I do get a lot of sales on here via Facebook and a number direct.

Good luck and I’m sure others will join in with advice.

Hi Joy,

I am totally with you that events can be so random but when I go where I would shop (I am my ideal customer!) I do well.

I literally work most nights but I would absolutely stick to just one online shop if it works for me. I think I have a lack of knowledge as to how to promote elsewhere which I definitely need to address!

Thank you again for your replies.

Sarah xx

A great place to spread your online word is on Facebook British Crafters with the lovely . They’re having a spread the love day so I’;ve tagged you.


Bless you thank you so much xx

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