Shop content. Too much or too little?

Hi Just wondering what you think about how many items to put in a shop on Folksy. If I put lots on and sales are not frequent does my stock become kind of stale? Should I restrict to a smaller number of items so I can update /change with new maybe every month or two??

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When I look at a shop, three or four pages is plenty for me. If I see a shop with hundreds of items and dozens of categories, it really puts me off.


I like to see at least 20-30 items in a shop. It’s good to list a couple of new things a week if you can but that isn’t always possible depending on how long your items take to make. Plus I like to move things around in my shop regularly to make it look different when people look at it. I also have about 10 things ‘featured’ so that my featured items change too. (I notice you are not showing any ‘featured items’)

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How do you show featured items?

Hi Ya,

Featured items can be added/changed under Shopkeeping on your dashboard. I like to change my featured items every couple of months, when I remember! You can also rearrange the order of items from the same place.

Good luck!

Cheers Lou

Thanks so much. I will take a look. Would you say I would be better having axsmaller humber of items on my shop too?

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You’re welcome, to be honest I’m not sure whether a smaller number of items is better or not. I have 144 items in my shop some of which have been there for a while. I used to let my Christmas items expire & relist them in September, but as there are no listing costs with a plus account I figure if it’s listed it won’t sell so I tend to keep everything listed just in case someone happens to be looking really early for Christmas decs :rofl:.

I guess I figure even if somethings been listed for a while knowing my luck as soon as I let the listing expire someone will come looking for it and I’ll have lost a potential sale.

Hope this helps,

Cheers Lou

I usually have between 30-40 items in my shop and update with new stock once I’ve got about 10 or so new items ready. I have poor health though so can’t always make new things. As a buyer I don’t mind there being a lot of stock in a shop as long as the sections are well thought out and there aren’t too many to search through to find the type of product you want. I’ve just been to your shop and looked at your lidded pots section and a few others. Your lidded pots are great :+1: I think you could definitely stock more items in your shop if you have them as buyers will use the sections to navigate

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Thanks so much for taking the time to look. I do appreciate your comments. X

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@whitecatceramics just go into ‘shopkeeping’ from your dashboard. Each item will have a ‘feature’ button next to it. Click on the button, a box will come up so you can put a reason as to why your are featuring it…I use things like 'new this week or ‘special offer’ but you can leave the box blank if you prefer, then just click save. You need to do at least 3 items for them to show, but it’s good to do a few more so that different items show everytime the page is refreshed.
You can also re arrange where your items appear in shop when in shopkeeping, by dragging them to different positons.

I remember reading someone saying it’s best not to have too many collections as it can make the page look cluttered and I think 6 fit across the top of a tablet screen (I’m on a phone so not sure about that) so I try to keep to that. I notice you only have a few items in some collections so could easily combine two. As I say I don’t know if this is a good tip or not but I’ve followed it!


Thanks. I appreciate you looking.

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I keep wondering if its better to pay the month and fill the shop than pay each one . Its for charity so every penny counts x

I find that when the number of items in my shop falls below 60, I get less views and sales, so I like to keep between 60-140 items in my shop (if I can!)

As a buyer (and browser) I probably look at 4 pages of a shop before losing interest.

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That’s great to know. Thanks!