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Struggling badly

(Karen McPherson) #1

Recently i’ve been struggling badly with sales. I am paying out a whole lot more than i’m getting back, which considering i’m donating to charity, is not a good thing at all.

I’ve been promoting the life out of my shop but getting nowhere.

Seriously considering quitting.

Would be grateful for any suggestions :frowning:

Thank you

Karen xx

(Rachel) #2

Not that I get a lot of traffic but I will promote you on my facebook and pinterest if that would help. Rachel

(Liz Dyson) #3

I’m sorry you’re disheartened, Karen, especially as you’re trying to raise money for charity. I haven’t really got any suggestions but I have found room for another pair of ear rings, which will hopefully get the ball rolling again. That’s 3 new pairs this week - I think I have a bit of an ear ring weakness.

Good luck.


(Karen McPherson) #4

Thank you so much for your help xx

(Karen McPherson) #5

Liz, you’re a star. Thank you so much. I’m trying not to look at your shop coz you have so many beautiful things and I end up spending a fortune lol. K xx

(Liz Clark) #6

I’ve seen you’ve opened a FB page but the link in your profile didn’t work (I had to search for it) so just check again you’ve got the right link.

You need to promote yourself, so join various network pages. There is one that will help promote you as it helps businesses that give to charity (I give to charity too).

Make sure you post to any local newspaper/magazine pages, also Yorkhill itself if it has a page. If there is a selling page local to you go on there too and promote. Women’s Institute, Rotary club, etc might be worth approaching their pages see if they will do a shout out for you.

I also use twitter as there are loads of local networking hours every day on there that might extend your reach.

Hope that helps, xx

(Take2 Bottles) #7

Your jewellery is lovely, I will be back for a little treat. I’ll promote your shop on my facebook page. You’ve had some great tips from @big bird little bird so I hope it all picks up for you :slight_smile:

(Karen McPherson) #8

Thank you for the help, my Facebook page is always messing up lol.

I will look through all your suggestions and approach them.

Fingers crossed

(Karen McPherson) #9

Thank you very much :blush:

I’m definitely gonna try the suggestions given (need all the help I can get lol)

(Liz Clark) #10

If you do fancy Twitter, this link shows you all the hashtag events that happen each day.

(Karen McPherson) #11

That’s amazing. Will be setting up a new twitter page.

I’ve been on Facebook for a while but don’t find it helps much.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

Try to spread your promoting over as many different social networking sites as possible as you’ll reach different people on different sites.

I notice you say you use facebook. Facebook isn’t all that brilliant any more as it only shows about 1% of your followers your posts. So don’t relay too heavily on it. It’s great as part of a larger package of promoting.

Are you using:

  1. pinterst
  2. stumbleupon
  3. craftjuice
  4. google+
  5. wanelo

are you using word of mouth and giving out business cards or flyers?

Are you joining in the promotional threads in the Showcase part of the forum. This is were we agree to help promote each other.

As individuals our reach when promoting will always be limited but when we join together with other Folksy shop owners we increase our reach. As people you can reach will not be the people other’s shop owner can reach.

all the best

(Liz Dyson) #13

Karen, my ear rings arrived today. They are lovely. Many thanks.


(Ellie Chiswell) #14

Promoting is such a difficult thing, especially online! You need to have your fingers in all the pies, but remember to not spread yourself too thin. I ended up joining far too many social networking sights and missing my audience completely because I was too tired and busy to keep them updated and interested.

Forums like these which are linked to the shop you sell from are a very good place to start. Twitter is also very useful, it can get overwhelming but stick with it! Charities get a lot of exposure and help on twitter. Pintrest is also becoming the next best place to showcase your products as pins can go viral quickly.

I found that the most effective way to boost sales is to get out there to as many events as you can (preferably free) maybe even try and host something yourself? An afternoon coffee event somewhere with friends and friends of friends? Even if its a small turn out, one nice face to face event can work wonders for sales!

Your jewellery is beautiful and I shall be sharing your shop on facebook and twitter!

I hope it helps, best of luck!

(Karen McPherson) #15

Thank you so much. I will definitely be spending more time promoting.

(Karen McPherson) #16

Thanks Liz, so glad you like them xx