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Studio pics needed for the Folksy front page

It’s win win @beabook!

I’m thrilled that so many people have already sent over images. There are some brilliant ones in there and actually so many good ones that I’d love to make this a rolling feature – possibly choosing five makers each month from all the submissions and announcing the new banners on the blog (along with as many of the other photos as possible). What does everyone think?


Hi Camilla, I sent you a picture of my husband in the studio, hoping you got it…
This is a fab idea, sometimes as a maker its hard to get recognised in a place that is soooo big.

Great news that the signed out page will be changing, looking forward to viewing the new workshops. Marg.

@Folksycontent do you need the banner photos to have an empty (or less occupied) space in them that you can pop text over? The other half is trying to work out if he can shoot panoramic shots in my rather bijou studio.

It doesn’t matter too much @SashaGarrett because the pop-up has a transparency, and also the size reformats on mobile and tablet anyway.

Here’s an example of the transparency overlay on the desktop view…

The things that we’re looking for are really good-quality photos, showcasing you and your workspace. So if you can bear to have yourself in it, we’d love that!

Love it!
Just trying to schedule a day for a big studio tidy, then I’ll send my photo!!

Yes please, it would be great to have a few different ones every month :grinning:

I think this is a lovely idea. Will see what I can come up with. My little room has been finished although it is small I now have a lovely worktop. Would say I would tidy it up a bit but then I would never been able to find anything.


let me see what photo’s I can come up with, sounds like a great idea and a chance to be seen and not hidden in the wide world of Folksy

Love this idea …i pop photo’s of my studio on my facebook page especially when i’m showing work in progress shoots of my illustrations it always seem to get a good reaction, people love to see where you work. I’ve a big garden & fields beyond and my drawing boards normally covered in colourful paint palettes …when i’ve got a mo i’ll be giving my studio a wee abit of a clean. (windows need a good wash thanks to my birdies!) Will e-mailing some photo’s soon. :smile:

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I’ve just emailed you a pic. Please would you let me know if it works! Thank you!

I’m going to give it a try and email a picture over today :blush: !! X

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I’ve put together a blog post with all your amazing studio photos. Feel free to share!
Here’s the link

I hope I’ve included everyone, but if not just give me a shout. Also, please do keep your pictures coming because we’ll be constantly reviewing them and I’ll do another blog post when we have enough new ones in.

Keep an eye on the Folksy front page too, to see which ones you spot.


Thanks so much for including mine on the blog @Folksycontent :kissing_heart:

Natalie xx

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Just had a look at the blog – I’m not there, so I suppose maybe the pictures were not good enough.

Never mind… I think all the photos that are there are lovely. Its nice to see some faces as well. Now we know what each other looks like


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Thank you for including my photo. All the studios look lovely! :).

Teodora xx

Hi Kate. I thought I’d included all of them - sorry!
Did you send them to Would you be able to send your pics again?
I’ll make sure I include them in the next round-up.

I LOVE the new banners!

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Am I too late for this? or is it an ongoing feature as I’d like to have a go at a pic of me and my work shed/space.