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Studio pics needed for the Folksy front page


We’re looking for banners to use on the signed-out Folksy homepage. Can you help?

We’d love the pictures to show you in your studio, or if you’re camera shy then just your workspace.
The photos need to be 1440 x 440 pixels wide and at least 144 dpi (it’s a bit of a tricky shape) - a lovely panoramic shot of you in your studio, surrounded by your work and tools would be perfect.

Here’s an example showing the size and type of shot we’re looking for…

If you think you might have something suitable, can you email us at

Oh I almost forgot to mention, all banners have a link to the maker’s Folksy shop. So that’s nice.

Thank you!


Am just in the process of having my little workshop built (base down today) Would love to give this a go once I’m installed in approximately two weeks.


I would love to feature on the signed-out page. I’ll see what I can come up with!

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Am very interested but away from home at the moment, so the workspace is mobile, bags and boxes! How soon do you need the banners? Will it be a regular opportunity?

Ohh, so exciting, I’d love to feature too…I have some pics to play with, I’ll see what I can come up with.

I’ll see what I can come up with!!

What a lovely idea, I would love to feature, I will see what pics I can come up with!

Great Idea ! I’ll see what I can find.

Must tidy up a bit and take some snaps x

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I’ve emailed you something, but I don’t know if it’ll fit the type of thing you are after. The images I have are the wrong dimensions really. Cat

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Trying to work out how to make my dining table look pretty!! Do you want pretty, or realistic?


Hello @Folksycontent

Just moving to my new studio as we speak! I have uncovered some stunning vintage tiles that will be the backdrop to my work station. Today I am building the workstation frame/table and finishing off the painting. Tomorrow a few bits will go on the wall then I might be ready for a photo. If not will submit when its all ready and hope to make the final cut front page!

Linzi x

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Would love to get involved with this

thanks so much for the opportunity

Detola and Geek x

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We’re up for anything, Claire!

The images don’t need to be cropped to the exact dimensions - we can do that. They just have to work well in that postbox shaped banner :smile:


It’s an ongoing thing @SoSewMegan - so just when you’ve got time.

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My studio is having a spring clean and I’ll be getting my camera out this weekend!

Hi Camilla! We’ve just emailed you a picture now… hope it’s what you’re after? :smile:

Brilliant! I use a desk at home but it’s always so messy! That would be a good reason to tidy it up a bit.

Got it @frillyindustries. Love it. :smile:

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