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Such a shame

This is such a shame…I have just received my Simply Crochet magazine…I don’t use any of the patterns but since I no longer do craft fairs , I use books as my eye candy and something to drool over.
I was quite disappointed today because there was a lovely article on making money from crochet. (Something that I have done since I was 6…now heading for 70 !!) All my life I have designed, made and sold things and I just love it. However, I was a little bit saddened on reading the article to see MANY references to EY…and not a single mention of Folksy…how sad is that !
The articles and people were singing the praises of having an online shop on E
OK…so most of us have shops there too but such a shame that people over here are not told about Folksy. Especially as it is UK based, for UK crafters.

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That is a shame - if they have a FB page, maybe a group of knitters could each post comments on there to let the mag know (linking to their shop too). The FB pages are normally run by separate social media teams who are pretty good at passing messages on to the right people within the organisation.


Allow me to help!


Brilliant Hart and craft…let’s get as many people as possible to bombard these magazines…!!
OK…I have been to their page and asked them to give Folksy a mention in the future. Not sure if it will work or not…but here’s hoping.
Maybe there are other magazines and pages that we Folksy people can bombard with our pleas.

It’s so annoying when they do that. At least Lets Knit mentioned my folksy shop when I won one of their knitting design competitions

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On a postive note about magazines and Folksy, camilla @folksycontent has a feauture every month ( i think) in ‘Homemaker’ magazine - and the features are about selling online with tips also by folksy sellers and links to folksy shops.


that is good to know Sally…

I’m with you there @sallyandthefreckles It’s a great magazine and @folksycontent 's features/articles each month are a really interesting and informative read!



That is a real shame, Brenda, and also a bit strange. I wonder if it was a sponsored article?

As @SallyandtheFreckles and @MoreTeaVicarKnitwear we do have regular features in quite a few craft magazines, like Homemaker and Crafts Beautiful. You can see some of them on our Press blog and we’re always working to get more press coverage.


Gosh, there’s a lot on that blog! Well done for everyone getting the word out! I wonder if it would be appropriate to put a link somewhere obvious so we can see it? How about in the weekly sellers emails? (Now you are going to tell me it’s there and I haven’t read them carefully enough…) I bet a lot of people don’t know how much coverage we are getting in the press, given some of the comments on the forums.


but are we targeting the wrong people ie seller shouldn’t we be expanding and targeting the idea of introducing new potential customers to the wonders of handmade.

Ie not at people who make their own but at people who haven’t yet discovered the beauty of handmade yet.


thanks for that Camilla…I just feel that we all really need to get Folksy’s name out there…I do what I can and I am sure others do as well…just a shame that whenever these articles are published they seem to favour the other side…
Maybe we can all try to help where possible…