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Suggestions for our Gifts for Makers Gift Guide

This pumpkin is great as a pin cushion too…

Perfect gift for a true knitting enthusiast, includes 2 skeins of British rare breed wool!

Mini pyramid notions holder


This little coin purse would hold all sorts of items and would look great on a craft table.

Tiny Thank you Cards to pop into your sales packages…

Or a tiny pin cushion for the cake loving embroiderer, needleworker, beader etc…

This crazy patchwork bag fits the bill.

For crochet lovers.

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This Purse is ideal to keep everything together. It’s very useful to keep all of your business receipts, stamps and money in one place and doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Would be a great gift for a maker.

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Storage for your needle and hooks

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Sets of two pin cushions x


Workshops for those living in Bristol and surrounding areas.

Handy notebook for writing down your craft ideas and planning.

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A pin cushion in black and bright pink x

A sketch pad/notebook to record your ideas.

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