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Folksy gift guides?

(Nobias Art) #1

Since I am part of the Folksy community I have been following the gift guides and been hoping and dreaming (like a child at Christmas time to get that special doll or toy :smiley: ) that I will appear in 1-2-3-4-5 of those guides. Keep going there and check the ones I am interested buying from and been hoping that one of my listing will appear as well, but so far none.
Does anyone know how can you get into those? Is there a list you can apply to or admins randomly choose?
If anyone knows anything regarding this, please share your opinion, thought, experience:)

Thank you


I am sure I saw your products in some guides and/or Folksy favourites so I went to check:

You are here:

and here:


(Nobias Art) #3

Ohh wooow, I checked quite a few gift guide yesterday and couldn’t find any of my makes, but wooow. You have made me HAPPY! :smiley:
Yuhheeee I made it!


Your items are beautiful and the photos are very good so I am not surprised :slight_smile: .

(René Trewern) #5

Did you go though all of them??? or is there a quicker way to see if you have things in the gift guides?

Well done @NobiasArt :smile:


I didn’t go through all of them, but I remembered I saw NobiasArt’s makes somewhere so I checked just the two, I am not sure there is a quicker way though…

(Karen Ellam) #7

Yes I’ve seen @NobiasArt beautiful jewellery in the gift guides.

I’m excited to be in a couple of guides too.

Karen :smiley:

(Nobias Art) #8

Love your polymer clay creations:) Some of them really made me smile! :smiley: which is great!
And thank you for the compliment Karen:) Then I was wrong and checked the wrong gift guides, will keep a better eye out, just to make my heart thrilled! Even if I don’t sell much, but being there means the admins admire my work, which is awesome:)

(Andrea Martin) #9

Folksy start threads and ask for suggestions for gift guides. You can suggest your own items or other peoples products. At the moment there is a thread “More suggestions for our ‘Gifts you can personalise’ guide please”. You just add a link to your product.
I assume if you have tagged your items well, Folksy would be able to find your products for appropriate gift guides.
I have a few items in some gift guides and it does feel good!
Hope this helps

(HilaryP) #10

The content is chosen by the Folksy admin team - but as we run up to Christmas we’ll be sharing details of the guides we’ll be promoting and asking for your suggestions in threads here :smile:

So make sure you are signed up for the latest news - the email will be going out this evening, or just check here for the gift guide submission threads

(Nobias Art) #11

THank you Andrea, I have only seen one thread where admins been asking for gift guide ideas, but had nothing to apply there :slight_smile: OOh they look for tags as well to choose their items? That is useful to know, because I think I will need to work on my tags then:)
Thank you!
Orsi :slight_smile:

(Nobias Art) #12

Thank you Hilary, I did sign up the newsletter a few months ago and sent a long e-mail with succestions a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure if I have sent to the right person. Because where it said to click or send was impossible, so i had to send my suggestions as a reply which i don’t think was a good move:) Will check out the new newsletter now :wink: thank you again

(Camilla) #13

Just to let you know, I’ve created a Gift Guide category where you can see all the gift guides we’re currently working on and reply with your suggestions.

(Diane Burton) #14

Just seen one of my cards in the Gifts for Cyclists guides and it cheered me up on an otherwise boring day :smile:
Thank you for the Gift Guide category Camilla it will make it a lot easier to find where to submit links for consideration.

(Sally Eira) #15

hi camilla,
i can’t seem to get link to work.

(Camilla) #16

It should be working Sally. It links through to the gift guide category where you can see all the different threads/topics in one place.

(Sally Eira) #17

thanks - got it working now - sorry !

(Nobias Art) #18

Thank you Camilla:) I have seen the gift guide lists, since then I have applied to a few :smile: