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Sunday mail delivery service? Yes please!

(Minerva) #1

How cool is this?

(Jacqueline Austen) #2

Could be good - bet it is at a premium rate though!

Jacqueline x

(Heidi Meier) #3

Hurray. Post on a Sunday - be interesting to see if it is priced the same as presumably staff will need to be paid more to work?

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Personally I’m not keen on treating Sunday as just the same as every other day. It’s a special day, the Sabbath, and this is encouraging more people to work on what ought to be a day of rest.

(Yvette ) #5

I think it is a good plan, and if they employ new staff that will be a good thing for some of the unemployed who are desperate for a job.

(Wendy Derrick) #6

Mixed feelings from me on this one, have to agree with Louisa15 in that it increasingly feels like every day is now a work day. When you’re self employed it sort of feels like that anyway, but at least Sunday was a day I knew that customers wouldn’t expect their orders to arrive which gave me some breathing space. Also I think it’s really important that there’s at least one day a week that as many people as possible can spend time with family and friends. I know loads of people work Sundays already in various sectors though.

(Jo Sara) #7

Mixed feelings here too. What day do most people go out and do stuff? As my other half works most weekends, I’m usually around. So it’s yet another day I’ll be taking in the neighbours parcels :confused:

And if you’re waiting for something, you at least knew you were safe to leave the house on a Sunday without missing anything.


(Diane Burton) #8

We live in a multicultural society and not every religion has Sunday as their sabbath, so long as people aren’t made to work on their particular sabbath day I’m sure it shouldn’t be difficult to staff, I think it’s going to be parcels only (not letters) so it won’t need as many people delivering.

(Brenda Cumming) #9

I wonder if it will improve their service.
As for Sunday being special…mixed feelings on that one…lots of people, nurses, doctors etc have to work 7 days a week. I once had a Sunday job knocking on a few doors to see if people had had their free newspaper delivered…one woman was extremely rude to me, saying that I should NOT be knocking on her door on a Sunday as it was the Lord’s Day.
To which I responded, that I was a believer too but for me it was the Lord’s day EVERY day and not just on Sundays !..
My husband worked on the Underground and had to work every day of the week…no choice…it was part of his contract.

(Minerva) #10

The article says: Later this summer it will open around 100 offices on a Sunday afternoon for customers to pick up their parcels. Delivery offices with the highest parcel volumes across the UK will take part in the scheme. The company will also try out parcel deliveries to addresses within the M25 motorway.

They won’t deliver them to your door in all places. You will have the option to pick up your package on a Sunday afternoon as well. For those who work during the week it will be convenient instead of waking up early on a Saturday to pick up packages. RM is doing this as they see an increase in online shopping. I think this is good news for us - more flexibility in receiving an order = more sales.

A lot of businesses that offer services operate the same time most employees are working and that’s not right, in my opinion. Services should be available to us other times too. Employers and employees should communicate and make the necessary arrangements. Some people don’t mind working on weekends and have weekdays off to run errands. That is also good for businesses as the workload is spread out throughout the week.

(Minerva) #11

Well, now your neighbors have an extra day to pick up their packages at home or a neaby post office. No excuse :wink:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

I have to agree with Lousia 15 and Happywrap myself.

(Rachel Boyd) #13

I think having the option to go and pick your item up on a sunday is fine. I think I prefer not having a delivery to the door on a Sunday as it is bad enough being woken up early on a Saturday to answer the door for post.
So I say yes to being able to pick it up if I choose to!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #14

yep if it means no delivery to the door that’s brilliant as I have enough people arriving at my door in the week.

I’d like at least one day a week without having to answer the door to some trades person asking me to look after someone else’ package. I’ve even had them ask me while I’m clearly gardening away with dirty hands.

I would guess this pick up ability will operate like the other days ie card gets left at your door the day before because they couldn’t deliver for whatever reason and then the household has the choice of either collecting it Sunday afternoon or another time.

I’m glad I’m outside the M25 as that means no deliveries hurrah for me no one disturbing me on a Sunday.:slight_smile:

Our post depo I open weekdays until 7pm and till midday on a Saturday already for people to go collect their parcels. Is this not the same all over the country?

(Natalie Franca) #15

Mine in Manchester is 7am until 4pm on weekdays which is no good for me and means I have to go on a Saturday before midday to collect anything. I also have to get a taxi as there’s no bus route from my flat to the sorting office, which is then another £8 return trip. I’ve started paying to have my parcels redelivered to my local post office instead, to collect on Saturday mornings, it’s still a pain but better than paying more than the parcels are sometimes worth in cab fares!

(Leanne Woods) #17

Same for us here Eileen, 7am to 6.30pm and 7am to 4pm on a Saturday so we’re quite well looked after when it comes to collecting parcels. When I worked full time in Belfast I would pop in on the way to work in the morning.

I got the impression that Sunday delivery was an additional service, much like the Saturday option for next day delivery costs extra I assume Sunday delivery will too so it will be up to businesses to offer that option at checkout and then up to the customer to choose it. I don’t think they’ll be delivering all and sundry to doors on a Sunday although I’m sure if you can pop to an open depo that day you’ll be able to collect whatever happens to be sat waiting for you.

At least I hope so … don’t much fancy a visit from the postie on a Sunday myself.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #18

Leanne after re reading it that’s what it looks like.

Which would be fine as I don’t really want normal delievery on Sunday afterall half the day I won’t be in and I don’t want the dog getting excited thinking someone’s coming to visit and him barking upsetting the neighbours quietness.

As a lot of sundays we are doing ‘other’ things trying to get away from work/business.

(Minerva) #19

The closest delivery office so I can collect packages on a Saturday is open from about 6.30am to 9.30am !!! I would not mind collecting a package on a Sunday.

I know what you mean about Sundays…but since I became self-employed, it doesn’t make much difference to me. I work / do things / take time off when I need to or am able to. Sometimes I’ll have a lazy, quiet weekday, others times I’m very busy on a Sunday.