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Suppliers of fabric

(Helen Nunns) #1


I just wondered if anyone knows some great fabric suppliers


(Jennie Mead) #2

Hi Helen,

I don’t know whether you live anywhere near it, but I like to get my fabrics from Trago Mills in Newton Abbot, Devon. I find their prices are quite reasonable and there’s quite a choice :slight_smile:


(Liz Clark) #3

It really depends what you’re after.

I peruse the bargain bin in John Lewis, also local indian clothing and fabric shops and stall where I live. I also visit vintage fair and shops for embroidery and unusual fabrics.

Online I use Liberty, as well as Plushaddict, Frumble and Emmas Fabric Studio.

(Pauline Hayward) #4

I agree with you @TheMeadsCraftHouse and @NellsCrafts
Trago is a really good place for fabrics but also Abakhan near Manchester and Liverpool, they are great places. I buy my Christmas Fabrics by the Kilo there and its surprising how much you get for a kilo.

(Julia Walton) #5

I have used The Cotton Patch in Birmingham (via mail order) for a number of years. They stock such a great range of fabrics and lots of palettes of colours, too.

(Sharon Robins) #6

Doughty’s is a great supplier for patchwork and quilting fabric, (especially cotton). You can find them online. They are so reasonable in price compared to most places.