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Business advice please!

(Rosielovescraft) #1

Hello everyone!
I really need some advice please and wondered if you wonderful people could help. I’m looking into setting up my own little fabric and craft business in the North East UK as it is difficult to find fun and quirky fabric which isn’t sold as a fat quarter.
I really need advice on how to find suppliers and designers and generally how to go about making those connections.

Any help would be fantastic!

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I’m not a lot of help to you, and I’m not a seller, but thought you’d like a reply! I think the only way to find local suppliers would be to do some research using Google. It takes time, but I can’t think of any other way you’d find them. Maybe some Facebook searches too might help.

Good luck.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

google is your friend :slight_smile:

You need to do some research just like everyone else.

I don’t think you’d go into Marks and Spencers and ask where they find their suppliers. In fact no business would willing give up that kind of business information to another business or to anyone.

To be honest your question is a wee bit rude as every seller on here has had to do the hard work themselves finding their own suppliers.

all the best with your research.

(Stevenbowlerdesigns) #4

The questioner was far from rude! your reply is ‘offish’ and unhelpful. Whatever happened to the ‘Folksy spirit’? Whatever happened to the friendly forum I’ve seen much written about? Put yourself in the questioners position and read your answer to yourself! Not at all friendly or polite.

(Marg) #5

One suggestion might be your local library to see if they have trade directories. I know you can buy fabrics in bulk from China, but you are talking about a full bolt about 22 yards with minimum orders of large amounts. My fabric supplier orders that way and he told me he orders in very large quantities, a container full. If you are opening a B&M shop, then you would be able to buy in bulk, but if you are working from home, then a smaller quantity will be needed. I know there are lots of fabric warehouses in Manchester and maybe a few phone calls would let you know what they sell and what quantities you would have to buy. Good luck with your search. Marg. x

(Rosielovescraft) #6


I’m sorry but I’m not asking for the answers just some advice on how to start that’s all. Obliviously I’m not going to steal business or walk into John Lewis and expect them to tell and that’s what I’m after.

I apologise for asking I was just hoping more experienced sellers could shine some light and give me and give me hints a tips.

I was just hoping for a little bit of help that’s all and if you want I’ll just remove my post, don’t want to be upsetting anyone.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

like I advised google is a great place to start, you could also look into your local yellow pages.

Then you’ll have to do the ‘leg work’ ie talk to them, visit them see if they have any online rewiews. etc etc

Just like any business venture does.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

My reply was neither ‘offish or unhelpful’ it was truthful and gave general advice.

(Tracey Christie) #9

thank you for this, someone tried to scam me twice recently when I was selling my car on Gumtree, it was just as you describe. I am glad I noticed it was a scam before it went any further

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #10

I don’t think the poster meant to be rude. She was just looking for a bit of support and advice, as she isn’t sure where/ how to start. I don’t suppose she wants people to divulge all their deep business secrets. She did say there isn’t anything like that in her area at all, so she’s looking to fill a gap in the market - not to take others’ business away.

Rosie, I wish you luck. I’m afraid I can’t give much advice, other than to try Google for suppliers. You could find out the names of popular fabric brands & designers and use those to help you find out who makes and supplies those fabrics?

(Margaret Jackson) #11

I didn’t think the question was rude at all! Everyone has to start somewhere, just a little support and advice is needed. Surely it’s a good thing if experienced sellers give newcomers a little advice, the forum has always worked that way.

(Rachel) #12

This probably isnt the correct answer to your question but there is some lovely fabric in Supplies on here, Rachel

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #13

It is very daunting at first but lots and lots of good research is what is needed. I agree! It IS very hard to find funky fabric that isn’t in fat quarters but be careful ; places like Ebay already sell it and the mark ups are fairly correct. There is also a wonderful place here in the South called FabricLand what sells superdooper cottons for arround 3.95 p/m…now of course there is nothing wrong with getting it wholesale and selling it for a profit, but much of the time that takes buying power to get the good deals. When you Google use wirds such as ‘wholesale’…‘supplier’ etc. and another good tip…look at all times of the day. Those who do Google Adwords may schedule their adds for say 7pm - 10pm so you won’t see them through the day. Also - explore some of the fab textile mills up North - you may find wonderful fabrics here at silly prices. Remember you should be aiming for a 100% mark up : so if you buy at 1.20 ( £1 + 20% vat), then expect to sell at 2.40 min. Darling if you need ANY help DO email me. The thing to remember most is that YOU may thibk your idea is fab, but check out the market as much as you can. A handy way is to look at similar sellers sales - are they 2 a month, 2 a week or 2 a day?.. I wouldn’t want to annoy fellow sellers here but am more than willing to share suppliers with you from when I had my…very very best of luck…

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #14

Sorry Darling! I didn’t tag you in my reply so go and have a look now! Hope I don’t send you to sleep! Lol!. Mags xxx Ps. People here ARE very helpful and kind so please don’t be left with a bitter taste. Lol! X

(Eileens Craft Studio) #15

@Rosielovescraft sorry if I sounded short.

I’d just returned to home to 7emails and 10 private messages via facebook from people asking where I get my supplies for my shop, and where do I get my patterns as they wanted to start their own shops.