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Tarnished silver - Help!

(Eskimo Circus) #1

I want to start offering metal buckles with my collars but the one I tested on Mylo, the silver tarnished really quickly. Any advice from jewellery makers out there? I presume this must be a common problem among other collar makers?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Is the buckle actual silver, silver plate or silver tone? There are tarnish removers out there that allegedly impede the formation of new tarnish but I’m not convinced that would work for something like a buckle on a dog collar. You could try coating it in something like renaissance wax but I imagine there is too much rubbing against the dog/ fabric bits of collar which would remove any coating put on the silver. (also not sure if it has been tested to ensure that it wouldn’t cause problems for doggies skin, it is meant for coating items that are being stored not in regular contact with skin) There are also impregnated tabs which stop tarnish forming on silver but they work for items being kept in an enclosed space (eg jewellery box) so again don’t see them working on a dog collar.
I would have thought that you would be best going for a stainless steel buckle as they shouldn’t tarnish rather than a silver/ silver plate buckle.
Hope that’s helpful.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

The only dog collars with metal buckles I’ve ever had for my dogs had brass buckles I seem to remember. Most collars do seem to have plastic nowadays don’t they?

(Eskimo Circus) #4

Thanks Sasha, yeah i’ve seen the wax etc but not sure it would be suitable unfortunately. They said they were ‘stainless steel’ but in the description mention ‘metal’, maybe i need to ask a few questions!

@plainprimitives Yeah most are plastic, i’m looking for how to make them stand out a bit more. Belt buckle style do tend to be brass but i use the side release ones.

(Samantha Stanley) #5

I would definitely ask your supplier why “stainless steel” has tarnished. I suspect you may have been sold a base metal alloy. Usually these have a fairly high brass content, even though they look silver, and brass will quickly develop an oxide coating when it reacts with heat and water from the dog’s skin. Stainless steel should not rust or oxidize, but because it is an iron alloy, it will be heavy.

Love Sam x

(Sasha Garrett) #6

Definately have words with your supplier. I have a stainless steel watch strap and after years of abuse its still not tarnished so I’m thinking you’ve been sold a duff. I know us jewellers have to comply with laws about nickel content and whilst I doubt they extend to our furry friends but I’d ask lots of awkard questions about what exactly the metal alloy is as you don’t want some poor pooch having a bad reaction.