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Tax form help please

Hi folks, I submitted my SA form and received a bill for class 2 NI payments. It also mention something about sending me an SA300 nearer the date that payment is due.
Ive been looking on the net but cannot find what an SA300 is exactly. Can anybody help.
Thanks, regards Confused from Berkshire.

The SA300 is a statement of account - it will tell you exactly how much is due and when - and allows you to double check the calculation to make sure that they have it right. Some people can’t pay all their tax/ NI bill in one go so make interim payments and the SA300 lets them know how much they have left to pay and acts as a reminder for everyone else to pay on time or risk getting a fine (they normally send them out in December).
Hopefully that clarifies things for you.

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That is a perfect answer. Thank you so much.