Folksy Ltd

Thank you Folksy! (Sorry if I was being Dim!)

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #1

Ok - Fair’s Fair!..

I had a bit of a moan at Folksy as I didn’t think my first seller experience was a very good - or should I say - efficient one…

Well I’m not sure if I was just being dim, or if some things have in fact changed, but my last seller experience was brilliant! ; Realy easy to find the name and address, really easy to mark as Dispatched - even Feedback!!! I may have moaned, but now I say Thank You!.. If it carries on like this I shall start listing more…Mx

(Marg) #2

Glad you’re now sorted. Things do get a bit frustrating when you are new to them. Hope you get lots more sales to further increase your selling experience.
Marg. x