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The Sections for listing Cards

Have just been listing some cards, and was trying to find the ‘Good Luck’ category in the drop down menu - but there doesn’t seem to be one. Or is it just me being blind as a bat? I would have thought Good Luck cards were still popular enough to deserve their own category.

No you’re right there isn’t a Good Luck option, I’m sure I’ve listed Good Luck cards but can’t remember which category I used. I’ll see if I have one in my sold or expired listings and check.

Sorry not much help but I’ve just checked and my good luck cards are Good Luck In Your New Home or New Job so I’ve had them listed under new home or new job.

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Thanks - I thought maybe I just couldn’t see it for looking LOL!

My good luck cards are for dancers - exams, shows etc, so don’t fit into any other category.

You might have to put them in the dreaded ‘Everything else’ section Sara I hate putting cards in that section as it sounds like a last resort :disappointed:

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Yes - it sounds like the dregs, doesn’t it? I did resort to that, but Good Luck cards are so popular for so many occasions that it seems bonkers not to have their own section.

I would tag admin to ask about it - but have forgotten the names I need to tag lol

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