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Selling a sold product


Could anyone help, I have sold an item, but checking my stocks for the item could not find it. Huge panic. Eventually after many searches and gnashing of teeth I checked my records to find that the same item was sold on the 28th January.

I know that I only ever list one of an item but can not understand how on earth I have managed to sell it twice. Has anyone any idea.


You may have accidentally re-listed it once the original listing ran out. Unfortunately you can do this even if you have 0 in stock. I did this myself a while ago, but fortunately it was a simple card and I managed to recreate it the same afternoon.

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oh my I did that re listed a sold item but thankfully I realized in time and deleted it.

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Thank you I thought items with 0 in stock couldnt be relisted - what a fool I am thank you for getting back to me. Rachel

I did that once. Unfortunately it was a piece that had been a bit of a “happy accident” and I couldn’t remake it, so I had to cancel the order. The customer was very understanding but I felt awful :-/ It’s easily done, especially if you have quite a few items in your shop.

I am so pleased to have found this out, I am checking all items one at a time. thank you

I did it just last week.
I sold a star at a craft fair and accidentally zeroised the stock on the wrong star here. Then someone bought it. Just like you I searched my stock and realised to my horror it wasn;t there.
I offered the customer a refund or a choice of other stars ( as each is unique and I couldn’t make one just the same).She chose one of the others and I’ve just heard she thinks it’s fabulous so phew…

Joy xx


@JOYSofGLASS I am so glad you got a happy ending. I have spent the last few hours checking all my items. I hated the feeling that I was letting a customer down. I have sent an email and a full refund.

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I have wondered a few times when I’m relisting that as my shop gets more items as time goes on it would be easy to slip up and relist a 0 stock item.
I get really OCDish when Im relisting.
I can understand your panic Rachel on finding the order :-0

Hope you manage to sort it out :slight_smile:


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