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This is little Bella

She is really quite tiny and if can’t see me I hear this little squeak .

When I first got her the kids said she was 8wks old she was no more than 5wks old and weighed just over a pound.


Sorry can’t seem to add the picture will try again

Adorable! :slight_smile:

I can’t move without her or even sit down without her. I think she thinks I am mum


Gorgeous baby girl.

What a cutie :slight_smile:

5 weeks is too young to be separated from her mum, poor thing. She is very cute though!

She is so beautiful :smiley_cat:

She’s gorgeous. What a sweet little face. :two_hearts:

She is adorable. I would love to get a kitten but I am allergic to anything with fur so would have to clean every day and live on antihistamine tablets … even my sisters hamster used to affect me and there is hardly any fur on a hammy !!!

Very cute :smiley:

Adorable! Not surprised she’s clingy, she’ll be missing her mum and litter mates

She’s so cute! :smile:

Gorgeous! I’ve got a moggy that follows me everywhere and positively howls (due to her larger size!) when she can’t see me, and she’s a great big girl of nearly 8! She’s a most lovely and loyal companion and hope your kit brings you many years of friendship too!

She’s absolutely lovely! Poor little thing tho - only 5 weeks old and separated from her mother. It’s great that she’s bonding with you, so she should be a loving moggie when she’s older!