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Those cd thingies for card makers

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #1

You can see im not very up to date with the lingo.
I like to use photo editing in my work and over the years Ive realised Ive made images that could be considered useable for other people, like card makers.
I know cd’s are still used in craft as I watch craft tv a lot and see them there.
Id like to maybe compile a cd of my work to sell. There would be no bells and whistles, just simple click and print.
Would a cd of printable things like backing papers be something that would sell nowadays?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Yes they sell but I don’t know how many you’d sell as it still means the buyer has to have a good enough printer to print off the designs to use them. They still have to buy printer ink and good quality printer paper/card.

I don’t buy them due to all this extra cost myself. I buy the printed versions, but I know those that do buy the digital files.

(Stefan Christopher) #3

@PoisonedAppleJewellery in this day and age you may want to consider selling portable flash drives rather than CD’s. More and more laptops nowadays no longer come with CD drives although, depending on how much you are planning on selling your designs for, the extra cost of buying the portable flash drives in the first place may not be worth it.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #4

Thanks for your replies
@EileensCraftStudio I agree, it puts me off when I think about the ink it uses. But as you sya, you know fo people that use them and they seem to sell well on tv(admittedly I wont reach that many people)

@TheTinMan Im so behind the times, I had to look up what a portable flash drive was. Luckily it was the thingy that I pictured in my head. Maybe I could start with cd’s then if they go well make them available in more modern ways.

Ive thought up 50 sheets to be getting on with. I guess its a nice project for me to work on, il still have them to use even if they never make it onto a cd.

Here are a couple of examples (top one cropped)I can work on to make them into usable images.

(Helen Smith) #5

Would you not think of just e-mailing them out as pdfs? I think that’s the way things are going these days.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #6

Whats a pdf? Im only up to jpegs. Its an idea, thanks.

(Kelly) #7

Portable Document Format. :wink: