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Tips on gaining exposure

(Kam) #1

Hi all! I just wanted to ask for any advice on how to gain exposure for your business? Any useful tips that have worked for you?

(Susannah Ayre) #2

Use social networks but not continuously and not just with link after link to your Folksy shop. People want to know a bit about the person and let’s face it, link after link and you just lose interest.
Also when it comes to social networks think about what you # as it can help direct people to you rather than just get a large general audience who aren’t too fussed about actually buying.
Personally I’ve found Instagram to be the most effective but that’s not just about my work- it’s just me in general so there’s a good mix! I also find the community on their really friendly as well.
Taking part in craft fairs/markets is also good- but again I’d say be quite picky. I only do one or 2 a year and make a decent amount. I know people who do a local market week after week and it doesn’t seem to have the same effect as eventually they get bored and just sit behind the stall like robots. If you just do a few then you’re more than happy to be approachable & friendly- and you are your own advert.
See if there are any competitions/events/shows you can get involved it. This can also help gain exposure to the right people.
Depending on your local community I would also say support them! It can really help and it’s really nice being able to establish your name locally and then build on that. :blush:

Some of the things I’ve discovered.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

my tips are to make sure that all your social media links back to your shop but try not to get spammy in your posting (ie don’t just post/ tweet things along the lines of ‘I’ve just listed this…’). Also I find craft fairs/ wedding fairs/ baby fairs (as you see appropriate to your work) are great - make sure you have plenty of business cards (with eshop web address and email on them and a good photo of your work so people know why they picked it up, I leave mine blank on the reverse so that I can write details of an item on the back if someone wants to drop hints to a partner about a present or something like that). Be prepared to do a few duff fairs (you can ask organisers questions about promotion/ numbers and types of stalls in advance but you can’t control things like the weather and if its raining people just don’t seem to come out) but you will learn useful things about how best to display/ package your work for the next one. If you are considerate/ helpful to the organisers and provide them with good photos of your work and some copy in advance you can get them to splash it all over their social media/ promotion in the run up to the event getting you extra exposure.

(Kam) #4

Thanks for that! Really helpful :smiley:

(Kam) #6

Thank you for the advice :smiley: