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Tomorrow's Plans

So my plan for tomorrow is to create a pill box case but I can’t decide which fabric to go for… What do you lovely lot think?

The pink roses are my favourite

The polka dot is my fave…but I do love a good polka dot :wink: x

I like the polka dots because they look like tablets :laughing:

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Haha! I never even thought about that! That’s awesome!

Bottom right - the others are too busy for me…

It’s polka dots for me also, but I also like the bottom left fabric.

Thanks all! Polka Dots it is! Currently a work in progress. Should be finished and up by tomorrow evening!

Isn’t it fascinating how we all have such varied taste?

I’m with you on the roses, definitely my favourite. It’s such a shame I’ve only got a little bit. :cry:

After several hours and 2 failed attempts… It’s done!


It looks great, Gemma, I’ve just favourited it
Di :grinning:

Yay! Thank you so much! :blush:

It’s beautiful. Have you thought of marketing these as travel watercolour pallettes? I could imagine they’re good for filling up with watercolours from tubes and you can fit a lot of colours in there. I wouldn’t recommend that you actually fill them ( many artists can be funny about colours and brands, know I am) but you could add it to your description and tags.

Stephanie, That’s an amazing idea! I’ll definitely give that a go! I think they’d be great in vinyl for wipe-clean-ability!

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Yes! And if you keep the inside of the lid in a plain white vinyl then it could be used as a mixing area.

Yes! Absolutely that! And maybe a few elastics to hold brushes… I’m loving this idea!

And your paintings are gorgeous!