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Trouble adding listing

(Sophie Dockrill) #1

Is anyone having trouble with adding a listing? I’m not able to click which section I’m trying to submit an item in, I only appear to be able to add two images and my Collections have disappeared?! I’ve added screen shots to show what I mean! I’ve had a quick look on the forum but no one else appears to be having issues?

Thanks in advance!

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(Sasha Garrett) #2

I’ve had this problem previously (haven’t tried today) and normally solve it by closing down folksy/ internet, going away and doing something else for 30 minutes or so. Sorry not more help.

(Sophie Dockrill) #3

Thank you replying @SashaGarrett :smiley:
I’ve just managed to do it on the laptop instead… my phone still won’t allow it but at least it’s been added now. Will check again later on my phone, just out of interest!