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Updates & Likes Not Working on Talk Folksy forum!

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #1

Hi Admin Peeps,

I’m back on Talk Folksy after a few days’ break (holiday in Cornwall, yay!).
I’ve been reading posts, clicking “Like” and adding replies, but they don’t seem to be showing up. The “New” and “Unread” posts counters are not decreasing - the same posts keep appearing, even though I have read them from top to bottom, “liked” a reply, added one of my own etc. And the notifications counter keeps coming up with “1” update, but it’s the same update over and over again.

I have tried closing the window I’m in and coming back to the forum from a new session, but it’s still the same.

Any ideas please?


(Margaret Jackson) #2

I’ve had the same trouble as in the notifications is sometimes out of date and show the same ones for quite some time even though I’ve had responses in the forum that don’t show up. Also, sometimes when I look at the ‘latest’ posts it says there are no latest posts, so I have to look in the categories to see what’s new.