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Tips for using the Folksy forums

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Thanks for joining the Folksy Forums, and welcome to our discussion forum!

These new forums are a bit different from the old ones. Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

Keep scrolling

There are no next page buttons or page numbers – to read more, just keep scrolling down, and more content will load!

As new replies come in, they will appear automatically at the bottom of the topic. No need to refresh the page or re-enter the topic to see new posts.

Categories and Topics

You are shown the latest topics by default.

  • Use the ‘Categories’ view to see topics by category (a more familiar view, if you are used to the old Folksy forums).
  • Top’ shows you the most popular topics.
  • Please read the Category description posts at the top of each Category page for specific guidelines and etiquette for each Category.
  • Don’t want to see a category in the ‘Latest’ view? You can mute it in your preferences. Click on your profile picture (top right) to edit your preferences.

How do I reply?

  • To reply to a specific post, use the Reply button at the bottom of that post.

  • If you want to reply to the overall theme of the topic, rather than any specific post in the topic, use the Reply button at the very bottom of the topic.

  • If you want to take the conversation in a different direction, but keep them linked together, use Reply as New Topic to the right of the post.

Who is talking to me?

When someone replies to your post, quotes you, or mentions your @username, a notification ➀ will appear at the top of the page. Click or tap that notification number to see who’s talking to you, and where. Join the conversation!

  • To mention someone’s name, start typing @ and an autocompleter will pop up.

  • To quote just a section of a post, select it, then click the Reply button that appears over the highlight.

  • To quote an entire post, use the Import Quote button on the composer toolbar.

Look at that post!

To let someone know that you enjoyed their post, click the like :heart: button at the bottom of the post.

Reporting posts

If you see a problem with a post, don’t hesitate to click the flag button and let the moderators – and your fellow community members – know about it.

Where am I?

  • While reading a topic, move to the top ↑ by clicking its title at the top of the page. To reach the bottom ↓, click the down arrow on the topic progress indicator at the bottom of the page, or click the last post field on the topic summary under the first post.

  • To get back to the front page of the forums at any time, click the Talk logo at the upper left or use the back ← button on your browser.

  • To get back to the top of a topic, click on the topic title

  • Click the category name alongside the topic title to see more topics in that category

  • For search, your user page, or the sitemap, click on the icons at the upper right.

  • To get back to, click on the Folksy logo at the very top (top centre) of the page

Help - I unpinned a topic!

Pinning topics works a little differently in Discourse than other forums. You can clear pins on topics once you have read them, so they don’t stay pinned forever. If you unpin a topic, but still want to find it easily again, you can favourite it using the star icon. You can bookmark individual replies using the bookmark icon underneath each post.

Posting images from Folksy that link to the item page

You can simply post a link to your listing page on Folksy (e.g. and a preview of your item (image + description with clickable link) will automatically appear like this:

If you still want to post an image, you can! Here’s how: Posting images that link to an item page.

Posting other images and links

You can post an image or link very easily by pasting a link to any online image or page. For example, if you would like to post an image of an item in your Folksy shop, go to the item page, right click on the image you would like to share and select ‘Copy image URL’ (depending on your browser, this might be a slightly different option). Right click (or CTRL/CMD + V) to paste in the image URL/address into your topic/reply.

You can also upload images from your computer, using the upload icon in the reply composer. If you’re uploading an image from your computer, the max image size is 2MB. Large images are automatically resized to 400 pixels tall.

Edit or delete a post

Use the grey icons underneath your post to make any changes or delete your post. The edit icon looks like a little pencil, and the delete icon is a bin.

Click your avatar (top right) to change your preferences


  • update your avatar
  • change the frequency of notification emails
  • hide categories that don’t interest you

Community Guidelines

We believe in civilised community behaviour at all times.

Enjoy your stay!

:wave: Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)
:wave: Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)
Weekly Art Chat 7th - 13th April 2014
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This topic is now pinned. It will appear at the top of its category until it is either unpinned by a moderator, or the Clear Pin button is pressed.