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I am feeling totally puzzled, puddled even.

I posted, or tried to, a photo and a comment about it, on Folksy Facebook. All sitting there nicely but when I hit Post button it sat and looked at me. Hit it a couple of times and still nothing happened.
I therefore copy / pasted my text into a message and sent that and my photo as an FB message to Folksy.

Then a few minutes later I got a notification that two people had liked my post on Folksy ??
and when I clicked it on the notify I got this :slight_smile:

Where can I find my post on the Folksy Facebook page ? If it’s there why on earth can’t I see it ?

I was only trying to show that I really do promote Folksy when I am out …Bob has very kindly had a table front banner made for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


How odd Joy, looks great by the way :smile: I think FB has a mind of it’s own! I post regularly to groups and quite often when I go to the group after posting I can’t see my post, sometimes I can find it by using the search feature, but often not.

I have also found more recently that my reach fluctuates a lot for no particular reason. This used to happen when someone ‘hid’ your post (that’s a whole other story though!) but seems to be happening now even when I have good interaction, reach is just lower and I have also noticed some posts from people who regularly comment are being flagged as spam, perhaps they are tinkering again!

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If FB thinks something might be spammy they hide it - that might be after people have liked it. It does up on a page as a line of dots…and there is the option for the page owner to unhide. So I expect it is still there and if they unhide it it should reappear! On BC when this happens people tend to repost, then repost and FB likes that even less!

You really are an amazing ambassador for Folksy and must represent a good % of their annual revenue too! :smile:

Thanks Dottie, do my best.

It really is rather odd. 4 people have liked my post “on Folksy timeline” but the only way I can see it is a pop-up box if I click the photo in the notification of the likes.
Where do ‘visitor posts’ normally show. I can only see a very limited selection.

I’ve just been over to Folksy FB and couldn’t see your post, visitor posts used to be on the right hand bar, it’s not there now!!! you can see a few visitor posts on ‘community’ but I don’t think it’s showing them all. :frowning:

I looked at a couple of other pages on fb and the ‘visitor posts’ option seems to have been taken away!

Thanks Jan. Nice to know I’m not going totally loopy. As you can see from the screenshot it Is there, just can’t see it. One liker is a personal friend. Just off to ask her where she sees it !

@folksycontent Camilla Have you any idea what happened to my post on the Folksy FB page which is totally invisible to me but not to those who have liked it. I can see a few, very few, visitor posts under community but nothing else - and that is using Windows 10, Windows 7 and android phone.

Certainly will not encourage anyone to post on the page if posts just vanish.

Joy xx

I’m really sorry Joy, I have no idea.
I can see it in the feed on your Facebook page - it’s the fifth post down.

Camilla Yes that post is the one on my page but… if you look at the top of this thread to my initial post on here you will see the same picture but different text which I added as a visitor to the FB Folksy page… it didn’t seem to accept it when I pressed the send button but then I got a couple of notifies to say people had liked it and it was only by going via the notify link to my photo that I could see it,the one which is somewhere hidden on Folksy page.

Try posting something as a visitor yourself and it might happen to you so you can see what I mean.

There really are very few visitor posts on the Folksy page that I can see anyway.

PS CAmilla I just did a test post and even added a comment and I can see that one - I’ll leave it there just so you can see it – please delete xx