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URGENT - For users of Royal Mail Online Postage

(Louise Knight-Richardson) #1

It has just come to my attention that as of at least a month ago (3 weeks BEFORE Royal Mail updated their labels), RM online postage appears to print only 6 of the 11 available text boxes onto your shipping labels. That means that for anyone like me who separates building and apartment names/numbers, it’s likely your apartment number will have been missed off and therefore may not arrive at their destination.

Please understand that as of right now I have only had a chance to check this against international postage and not the UK form.

The following input boxes are affected and will NOT print:
Company Name
blank box under company name
both blank boxes underneath the ‘address’ box
County/State box

Therefore the boxes that seem to print OK are the following:
First Name
PO. Box

I’m absolutely devastated that I’ve only just noticed this and expect to have a lot of upset customers… I go into auto-pilot when putting my mail on as I use the system daily.

To admin, I would appreciate this message being pinned if possible so it stays on the radar until RM fix it - I would hate for anyone else to make this mistake!

(Helen Smith) #2

That’s crazy! I shall pay a bit more attention when printing postage in future… I generally only use the RM Online for UK large letter packages for which I use the postcode address finder - so hopefully won’t have been affected. But I do print labels for the occasional international large letter package too, will have to concentrate when I do.

I hope you haven’t had too many packages affected

(Roz) #3

Just tagging @Folksyadmin for you so they get a notification of this topic so hopefully they can pin it.

Don’t use online myself but I can see it would cause mega problems

(Jill Unthank) #4

Hi there

I noticed this on the day they changed the format & emailed RM as I wanted a refund on 3 US labels that hadn’t printed properly.

They are aware of the issues & working on it. If you only use the 5 digit ZIP then add the state code in the postcode box. If like me you use the full 9 digit code then there is no room BUT the 5 digit code is unique to that state so effectively it doesn’t need the state code.

I’ve not had any issues with Apt nos etc as I put that under the 1st line of the address & it prints.

As I said you can apply for a refund for any you’ve paid for that haven’t printed as you wish. I’ve had my refund this morning - it just takes a while to jiggle it about to see which fields print.

I do feel your pain though…

(Louise Knight-Richardson) #5

Thanks for the replies, I called RM online last night because I wanted to double-check the info they have on their end of the system compared to what I could see when I logged into my RM online account and it looks like the dates before the 26th August are OK (phew!) and did print correctly, I just can’t see that info my end which would have saved a LOT of time!

So to confirm, any labels printed from the 26th August onwards are affected. Fortunately out of all the parcels I’ve shipped since this date, only one is affected and it didn’t ship that long ago so I will send a replacement out ASAP!

There is currently NO confirmed date for when this will be fixed, and also no warning when inputting addresses but you can double-check what your label will look like using the ‘view a sample print’ link during the confirmation page before you add the item to your basket.

(Louise Knight-Richardson) #6

Hi Jill,

That’s so strange that your apt numbers are printing and mine aren’t… though I had taken to using the third box down on the form for these, so it would print underneath the first line (where as the second line down would print directly next to the first line of the address on the old labels - hope that makes sense!)

I’m wondering now if they only allow 5 lines total and just remove info based on how much you enter in the first place. Who knows…!

(Jill Unthank) #7

Hi Louise,

I’ve always put my Apt nos on line 2 so have not had any issue with it since the upgrade. It is frustrating,& not to say time-consuming, keep having to look at the sample print to make sure all essential information is there.

I’m sure, in their own time, they will improve it. If only those new codes were OK for tracked/signed & there was no need for the PO trip! I live in hope…

(Jill Unthank) #8

@WhattheJackdawSaw Just a heads-up that they’ve changed the format again… It now prints the TN etc as Tn but USA in all capitals BUT it is now landscape printing & the barcode & address won’t both fit on the front of my 10 x 10cm PiP boxes! Aargh!