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Useful Hints & Tips when Crafting

Just wondering what useful tips us crafters could pass onto others. Little things that make life easy.

My tip that I use frequently is; when using ribbon that has creased instead of getting the iron out I use my hair straightners.

Does anyone else have useful hints.

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I do that too @PaddyPigEmbroideryandSewing :slight_smile:

Mine is to use white wine vinegar to clean the sticky gunk that ends up on scissors! Works amazingly well!


Here’s a good one for sew’ers

Many of us lick the thread when threading a needle - but if you also lick the eye of the needle it threads even easier.

BUT never ever ever hold pins/needles in your mouth when , for example, pinning fabrics no no no !

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The best way to thread a needle, no saliva involved! Is to simply cut the end of the thread with a really good pair of scissors and thread immediately, and if it doesn’t go in after the second attempt, just cut the end again. I find it almost always works 1st time. :blush:

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I liked that idea Sue. Only thing is if it didn’t go in after several attemps, (fading eyesight) my thread would end up about 2" long (ha! ha!)

Try it Marj, honestly, it works 1st time without even looking! :blush:

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My tip for jewellery makers is if you are wanting to cut out matching pairs of small shapes ie hearts , stars etc glue 2 sheets of metal together with super glue then cut once. A very small amount of heat vaporises the glue when done.

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