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Using Instagram on a Desktop

I have everything on my desktop, iPad, iPhone etc but find working on Instagram on a smaller screen a pain. Anyway found a way to make Instagram think you are on a phone on Safari, believe it also works on Chrome etc.

Open Instagram on your browser window:

Select develop from the top bar of the screen
Select User Agent
Select iPhone, tick and hey presto can now post from my iMac.

Just remember to change back particular if a shared computer, lol. DH was confused which does not take much when it comes to technology, lol.

Makes the fair if I get accepted far less daunting.


Thanks for sharing, I’ll give that a go when posting later as I’d also far prefer to use my laptop.

Well discovered, any instructions I found on the Internet were totally confusing so well done for getting to the bottom of it.

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I’ve got a windows 8 PC and found an app called Instapic that let’s me upload via my laptop. Its a bit clunky and I haven’t used it in a while so can’t guarantee anything.

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If you cant find the Develop tab, it’s in Safari > Preferences > Advanced :see_no_evil:

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I don’t have an iphone so mine doesn’t want to link up and I can’t do it…never mind…the world seems to think that everyone has a smart phone…erm…nooooooooooooooo

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@teabreaks You don’t need an iphone, doing it this way is making your browser act like an iphone, not linking one up.

Although when I try on Chrome, I had to add m. to the beginning of “” before it would show the icons at the bottom of the screen (which is what you need to upload photos).


ohh this sounds really useful I hate having to use my phone all the time and prefer to do any editing on my iMac so this could be really handy. thank you for sharing x

You can run Instagram via Facebook’s Creator Studio, if you have the Business Insta thing set up. No need to run your PC like a phone. :slight_smile:

I was aware of this but tbh easier with the photos on the desktop to just click to iPhone for posting to Instagram.