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Instagram on pc


has anybody used Bluestacks on their PC for using Instagram? I think it allows you to use various apps on a PC.

I want to use Instagram but need to use my PC and wondered if Bluestacks was worth dowloading etc.

thanks for any help :slight_smile:

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Sorry, can’t help, never heard of this. I had no idea that it was possible to use Instagram on a pc. Good luck with it x

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hi alison,

i only have just heard about it - would be great to use instagram on pc.

My partner uses Bluestacks- not for instagram, but to essentially allow him to use android apps on the laptop. It works great for the apps he uses, so fingers crossed it’ll work for instagram!

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I downloaded this some months ago but it wasn’t very helpful and I abandoned it. I can’t remember now how it worked or didn’t work though. I ended up saving pics to dropbox and transferring to them to iPad. A lot of faff and, as a result, I’m still not using Instagram very much.

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thanks so much for this - that’s so helpful of you.

i was concernced that it was not legit - but website looks good.

thanks for your help - may have a go over the weekend. was it easy to download?

is it free? i’ve heard have to pay for it after free trial? thanks.

My partners never paid… There was a time where you had to watch ads to use it I think… but then that seemed to phase out and he hasn’t had anything like that for a while!

I’m assuming its all above board and legitimate, as far as I’m aware it is?

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We didn’t have any trouble downloading it and it was free (just didn’t seem to do what we’d downloaded it for).

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thanks for your help @SophiesHandmadeBabyBoutique and @RavelloDesigns :slight_smile:


Bluestacks was easy to download. Never got it to work though… Andyroid is another android emulator I believe, when I have 5 minutes I will give it a try!

thanks - is bluestacks a well know thing then - i just worry about viruses on pc etc.

I’ve downloaded it now… I’ve not paid, I just clicked to download their sponsored games and that’s the last I heard of it! It seems to be working for me, thought it doesn’t fill the screen but it doesn’t bother me too much!

Good luck with it!

hi - thanks for this.

i downloaded it too and had a go but decided to un-install in the end as was worried about all the apps you have to have in your pc and read also that it was messing people’s PCs up. i was also worried what was running in the ‘background’ on my pc and using memory etc.
it’s a good idea though.

Not wanting to teach you to suck eggs but I thought I would mention that I post on my phone to Ig from Fb so you can share PC uploaded images.

You just hover over your fb photo to get the “Share to external sources” button :slight_smile:

thanks - i haven’t got phone so that’s why i want to use PC. thanks anyway.

Oh - sorry! x

i may have to get a phone that does something other than makes calls. my current one looks like it is from about 1988.
your advice will help when i do :slight_smile: