Folksy Ltd


(Katharine Gratton) #1

Hi All
we are struggling to get verification. We have not received the necessary email to respond to and have requested 3 times a resend and emailed Folksy but again with no response. Can anyone help?

(Liz Clark) #2

They’re probably quite busy today with the black friday promotion, but I’ve tagged them in here in case there’s a techie problem.
@folksycontent can you help?

(Roz) #3

Have you checked that you entered your email address correctly? It may be going to the wrong place.

(Katharine Gratton) #4

Thanks for your replies. I have checked email address it’s definitely right. I’ve been trying for four days now so I don’t think it’s because of black Friday.

(Roz) #5

How did you email folksy? Did you use “contact support” right hand side of this linked page They are usually very good at responding to queries.

(Christine Shephard) #6

Have you checked spam folders/junk mail folders? Sometimes they sneak in there.

(Camilla) #7

Hi Katherine,

If you set up a shop, a verification email will automatically have been sent an email to the address you entered, but it can sometimes go into your spam folder. Unfortunately if you’ve emailed support and asked them to resend it, any replies will probably have gone to the same place. If it’s not that they’ve been marked as spam it could be a problem with your email provider? I would suggest contacting again but sending them an alternative email to direct any messages or advice to.

I will also send them a message. I hope that helps.

(Katharine Gratton) #8

Thanks for the advice Camilla. I will certainly try that.Katharine