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Folksy Support - No response x2, problems on-going

Hi, help please, I have no idea how to get a response from the Folksy Support team. I have contacted them twice now but had no reply. I have an on-going issue with email notifications - not getting them, therefore also not getting customer messages attached to transactions ALSO had a customer trying to pay, finding me on Facebook because she couldn’t get hold of me on here, to let me know and I talked her through the link process from there. Also had to sort out a commission via Facebook because of this problem. My email account is fine, I do not understand the issue - I am getting nothing from Folksy at all now, just paypal notifications, no Folksy emails at all, customer or weekly. Could someone please contact them on my behalf as my support requests have not even had replies.

Thanks, Fiona

It’s very unusual for them not to reply, I wonder if those e-mails have gone the way of your sales notifications and disappeared into the blue too? Camilla @folksycontent can you shed any light on it?

ETA I’m sorry to state the blindingly obvious but you haven’t changed the e-mail address stored in your Folksy account lately have you? Might be worth checking that it is what you think it is, whether you’ve changed it or not.

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Someone else had a similar problem last week and I think it was fixed after she posted here on the forum. Hopefully yours will be too.

I posted on here last week too but not sorted as yet. I hope this one catches the attention of the Folksy Support team and I get a reply! Cheers, Fiona

Hi Helen, thank you - good idea to link the post directly. No, not changed email address, all other emails are coming through ok though it occurred to me there could be a problem there, but how to solve if other emails are still coming through (checked junk etc). Just odd that there was a sudden change too? I don’t know. I hope @folksycontent can help (thanks Camilla). A reply here would perhaps be better while we try to get to the bottom of it. Fiona

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Hi Fiona,

Sorry you’ve had so many problems. Our support team have sent replies to all your messages but it looks like they’re not getting through. I also sent you a direct message on Twitter to try to get in touch with you and we sent you a personal email not from Folksy too. We’ve checked the Folksy email message system (SendGrid) and it shows that the messages from Folksy are being sent and also delivered - not bouncing. So we think they are either queuing for some reason, or in your spam folder. Or there may be a problem with your email provider. Could you contact us with an alternative email address?


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I googled for their phone number 07517 372 093 came up on or the press dept 0114 360 6000, that might be a better way of contacting them if you don’t have an alternative email account to use.

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Thanks Camilla, I haven’t checked Twitter DM’s, sorry I missed that one. I haven’t received anything via my email though and cannot fathom why it is only blocking the Folksy emails? I have checked Spam, Deleted etc, nothing there. I am still getting emails on that account though. Hmmm, all odd. I may change my account email to a different server then. Thank you for replying here, I did think it odd that I had not heard back. Maddening business. If I change my account email will that cover all notifications and Folksy email subscriptions or will I need to re-apply? Am guessing the latter. Hope you are well Camilla, x


@folksycontent sorry to bug you again Camilla, but you are my only link at the moment - I just tried to change the email on my account, but I can’t without access to my ‘old’ email, but of course any confirmation link sent there by Folksy won’t reach me at the moment - Catch 22. Could you please pass this on to support. Thanks a lot. Fi

I’ll send you a private message, Fiona.

Thanks Camilla, I hope it gets through.

I’ve sent it as a message on here Fiona. Have you got it?

Yes, thanks Camilla. :smile: