Verse or no verse in cards

I’d be interested in your thoughts, whether you make cards or just buy cards…
Do you prefer cards that have a verse or ones that are blank so you can put your own words in?

I personally like cards with short message in, even if it’s just ‘have a great birthday’ or something that relates to the design or wording on the front.
A close friend of mine always looks for cards with longer meaningful verses or messages.
What is your preference?.. if you have one :slight_smile:

Blank or a simple line for what I make and what I prefer.
I avoid cards that have what seems like a big poem inside, and when I receive them don’t consider them any more meaningful than the short and simple ones, because it’s not the sender writing any of that so in my mind I just read them as “generic soppy happy birthday” rather than as if it were a personal message.

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I make cards and tend to leave blank, that way can be for any event.

Personally I’m with the simple message or blank brigade but I do have a few people I know who I buy cards with a verse in as they always read it and take it to heart. Means I take a long time choosing to get the verse just right!

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Blank every time. I dislike doggerel.

I prefer a short message. If I want to pass on something meaningful, I prefer the space to write it myself. When I’m choosing cards I often end up rejecting some that I really like, simply because I’m not happy with the verse inside.

Prefer a blank card unless it’s for my Mum who loves a

I prefer it blank or just a really simple sentiment like “Have a great Birthday” or “Anniversary Wishes”

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I’ve just looked through this years and previous years cards and every one of the shop bought cards have a short message in, these I think are mainly cards bought by the pack or box. The messages are generally just things like ‘Merry Christmas’ Have a Magical Christmas’ etc, these are great because if I have to write lots out it’s easier to have a starting point and I can just add my short individual message at the end.

The individual cards, for example, those with ‘To Mum’, ‘Sister’ have a longer verse but I still like to add a personal message rather than just sign it.

I buy cards with either a short message or blank inside. I’d say I’m more likely to be put off buying a card if it has a message that isn’t a good fit for me than one that doesn’t have a message at all. I’m happy to buy ones with something short like ‘Happy Birthday!’ inside if it fits the occasion I’m buying for, but I’d be put off if the wording was something I wouldn’t say myself e.g. if it was quite saccharine or religious. There’s a risk of limiting your customer base with a message that isn’t universal.

For selling, I used to have text in some of my cards, but these days I sell almost all them blank inside. A large part of the reason for doing it that way is because quite a few of my designs would work for a range of situations, so I don’t want to restrict them to one particular occasion; e.g. if I write ‘Happy Birthday!’ inside then no-one will buy it as a thank you card. It’s tricky though; I’d be interested to know how many people avoid buying cards that are blank inside.

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My OH has just received a thank you card that started off life as a congratulations card but the giver used a label maker to make bits to stick over all the incorrect wording (apparently she couldn’t find a thank you card). This is why I always make sure the cards I buy are blank and that I have a stash of them ready for any recipient and any occasion.

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@LDRIllustration Yes, there are some cards I design with a specific occasion (or pun) in mind, so those ones get wording, but if I wasn’t making it for a specific purpose then I prefer to leave them blank so it doesn’t restrict their use.

I do think some people prefer a specific card when it’s for something special though (new baby, new house) so I’m slowly trying to extend my range so I’ve got one specific card for all the big things.