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I make greeting cards @Aurorajaynecreations and always left them blank inside, but after experimenting with a couple i have found a card looks better with an insert with words or a verse…i do make easel cards but these can be written on the base or back of the card so i havent done those…

Whats your opinion on whether a card that is blank or has an insert with words…

I don’t buy cards with verses, but a simple happy birthday or happy anniversary is ok, I usually buy blank as they are more versatile though.


I think for me it depends on the design on the front. If it’s the kind of card that could be used for multiple occasions I’d always prefer blank.
If it’s a card that could say, only be used for a birthday, a pre-printed ‘happy birthday’ inside is okay and I’d just write around it.
I stay clear of buying cards with a verse. But that’s because I personally find them quite cheesy & soppy & I don’t like either. Haha
But I guess it depends on your audience. My mum would always get me cards with a verse in. I much prefer a modern design without one. But then, I’m 28 & she’s 55 so maybe it’s an age thing? On my birthday- I only get cards with verses in from older relatives. From friends they’re all blank.
Sorry if that doesn’t help.


Sounds a great candidate for listing variations - with or without verse/words inside! Have you checked out this thread?


I find people buy both, some prefer blank so it can be for any occasion but other’s like the card to have whatever occasion it is bought for, but keeping it simple as a Happy Birthday, Anniversary etc, verses I think may limit who’s likely to buy. :slight_smile:


I’ve done cards with an insert with the option of a verse if wanted, if folksy goes ahead with variations this will be a big help.
It’s been about 50/50 for verses / happy birthday etc

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Thank you ladies :smiley: it seems blank is mostly prefered, i have done simple birthday wishes! one has a verse for a mothers birthday! which i did think suited the card perfectly,

Thank you hopefully i can work them into my listings…options are always best :wink:

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I glued the insert in once they chose the verse, that way the card could still be used blank if required so no waste, :slight_smile:

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I was thinking that myself :wink: Thank you great minds and all that :smiley:

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I personally prefer blank cards. The verses can sometimes be a bit cheesy and don’t always have the sentiment I want. I receive cards with verses in though, so I know some do buy them. I think the variations option that Folksy is considering might be good to give people the choice. I wouldn’t faze out blank cards as you might limit your audience but a choice might be good.


I am another one who only tends to buy blank cards, having said that I can be tempted by a funny and apt card. Susannah is right that you only get verses from older people, my Mum used to send them when she was alive, however I am now 59 and have not as yet started sending them, who knows maybe it will hit me at 60😀


Haha is that when you know you’re getting on a bit? When you automatically head to the ‘verses’ section of the card shop? Hehe

Thinking about it though- maybe people who buy cards online are different/want a slightly different more elaborate thing? I wouldn’t actually think to buy cards online simply because there are so many shops nearby that sell cards- & I’m lazy when it comes to that sort of thing so don’t like to spend too long looking. But there seems to be people who’ll essentially bulk order all their birthday cards for the year & want something fancier. My mum did that once. No idea why. I think she forgot as well when their birthday came about & rebought. Haha


Hi, I sell dog collars which are different sizes and I offer different coloured hard ware and also metal hard ware. I have to create two listings for each size so I can have the price for each so variations would be great for me. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your email.

I would like to see 3 custom options and each option to have at least 3 variations. In my case I sell personalised swim bags and would want custom options and variations as listed below:

Option1. Title: Name to be personalised. Up to 20 Characters

Option2. Title: Font. Variations - Arial, Times New Roman & Script

Option3. Title. Colour of thread. Variations - Pink, Purple, Gold, Red, Black, Silver, Navy, Royal Blue, Turquoise, White and yellow.

Thanks for your help.

Debs Scanlon