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Websites - who do you use?

Hi Guys!
I’m looking to set up our own website in addition to our Folksy shop but I’m finding it all so mindboggling!
Who do you all use for your hosting and site templates?

Hi Danielle, sorry I can’t help but good luck :grinning:

I have a MrSite website, but I would not recommend them - very basic and I seem to get spammed as if they have sold my details.
I will be moving when I get the head space.

For hosting, we use 1 & 1, they are as good as any and UK based, too!
For design content we would never use templates as I (James) have always created our own sites, as well as for other artists etc. Please have a look at our site, I am in fact just working here on an update for the New Year!

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I have been using Create for the last 5 years and have never had any problems. They are UK based and have a range of packages to suit all sized businesses. are great, and also UK based. You can start with a very simple free site while you figure out what you want to do, then upgrade it as you grow. You can link to a domain name if you want to, but not compulsory.

I use Golden Rooster Media for my website, simple and easy to use with all in one shop package and helpful people… Good Luck with your website and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

I’m with Mr Site as well. I have to say, they’re not perfect but their website builder has improved and I think they’re are getting better and less glitchy. Their web chat is ideal for sorting problems but sometimes their customer service is a little off. I have been with them for a while and despite the glitches etc I find it really easy to update my website and for the £50 a year i find them convenient.

I know a lot of designer/makers who use shopify

Thanks all, your advice has been really helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Danielle,

We use Vistaprint for our own website.

As we did not have any experience with creating our own website before we were really happy with how easy and straight forward it was to use.

More importantly it isn’t too expensive and the finished product looks great :slight_smile:

Do you have a link for them? I can’t find them because when I google search I get every other company instead lol

I’m surprised weebly wasn’t mentioned, I was thinking of trying them but not so sure now,I am not very techy.

Hello Danielle,

In the past I’ve tried Mr.Site, Create and Weebly. After a lot of research I’ve recently moved over to Wix, and have to say I’m really happy with this decision.

Good luck!

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I use create too
My sites if you want a peek are and
Really easy to use and good back up help if you get stuck! Been with them for 6 years and pretty much snag free x

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I have used Weebly for the past 6 years and am more than happy with them. It’s easy to set up and a good price too.

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Thanks Beaniehats,thats good to know.

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I use Big Cartel. I have been building my website over Christmas. They are super helpful, and you can also use coding. My website is

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I know a lot of people who are happy with Wix. I was thinking of giving it a go. Very slick and modern looking

Hi Danielle,
Yes, website choices are overwhelming!
Depends if you want an intergrated shopping cart or you are just going to add a link to your folksy shop. I use the Shopify basic plan at the mo because it’s got the cart and it was easy to add a domain name. Shopify and Big Commerce are similar platforms but not cheap about $29 a month… I’m thinking of swapping to Wix as I’ve heard good things… Best of Luck :smiley:

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