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What colour is this?

Not too sure how to describe the colour of this scarf. The wool was described as “raspberry” but is it a bit pink for that? I thought maybe cerise but again maybe that is a bit more red. Help - I am stuck!

how about magenta, or fushia, but defo not raspberry, good luck suzzie x


Magenta maybe? It’s very pretty whatever colour it is Roz :smile:
lol Suzzie we posted at the same time :slight_smile: Great minds …:slight_smile:

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Magenta sounds good to me.
It’s so difficult describing colours as one persons purple is another persons pink!

I’ve just held your photo up against a colour shade chart. It looks closest to fuscia on there but quite close to magenta too.

Karen :0)

I’m going with pink, it is definately a shade of pink.
(PS felted xmas bunting working well and getting compliments at fairs)

Thanks all - think I’ll go with fuchsia as I think it is probably a more recognisable colour and sounds prettier too :smile:

Glad the garlands are working out well Sasha @SashaGarrett


Just agreeing that I think Fuchsia is probably the best name for that lovely colour.

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It is a too light and too pink for magenta and too light for a true fuchsia (at least on my monitor). I agree that it’s not raspberry as that should be a warmer colour and this is tending towards hot pink but not actually getting there. It is very close to a bead colour called “Indian Pink” which is a colour used frequently in saris. Check the colour chart on the Swarovski-Create your style website and I think that colour may be an exact match.

Love Sam x

Think I’ll stick with fuchsia - its definitely a colour that springs to mind when I look at the scarf but thanks for all your input :smile:

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I thought fuchsia the second I saw it!

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Fuscia or you could try rouge as a tag people might try?!
PS I like the fact that fuscia (which I think I’ve spelt the American way - I’ve definitely spelt it wrong however you look at it!) autocorrects to discos or fiascos - that’s made me all sorts of happy this dull afternoon!!


It’s beautiful and looks very much like my old pink Sari. Oh I loved that Sari given to me by my best friends mother many year’s ago.

It’s the same colour as the lipstick I’m wearing today which is also called fuchsia on the tube. Well, it says fushia temptation on it, but to be honest, I’m far too tired to tempt anybody at the moment :wink:


Raspberry sorbet! :slight_smile:


Fuchsia. :smile:

A beautiful ‘Pink’ scarf :two_hearts:
I would keep it simple and say it’s pink! I love it :two_hearts:

I agree with Fushia, it’s very beautiful :slight_smile:

Foxglove :smile:

Fuschia is close, or ‘hot pink’ ?

It’s lovely! Xx