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Hello everyone …Just opened shop called Scarves4u please take a look…I’m new to this and knitting is my hobby first and foremost but will be retiring soon so need to earn a little extra income…prices are reasonable and all yarn is NEW will give Scarf PIN with every purchase …love textures and colours …can take orders just message me …

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Welcome to folksy. I’ve had a nosey in your shop and one thing I have found from my time on folksy is that people don’t message for more details they just go looking else where (unless they have already met you at a craft fair or know you in some other way) so you might want to add a few extra details to your listings (eg length and what sort of yarn it is made from). The additional details will also help your items be found when people are searching using google or similar.
Be prepared to do a lot of promotion and good luck.

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Close up photos will help too, to show the texture of the scarves.

Welcome to the folksy family Stella.
Your scarves look lovely but I do agree that you need to put afew more details about them.
I’d would take afew more pictures.
That’s a bit of advice I was given when I first started and I think it has helped.

Your jade green one is lovely. Iv favourited your shop.
Hope that helps.
Hope all goes well.
X Dawn x

Thanks so much for advise xx

Thanks so much helpful advise xx

Thanks for advise helps a lot xx

Welcome! I hope you find success here.
Can I suggest that you take much lighter photos? They’re very dark and it’s actually quite hard to see what you’re looking at- a lot of people use their phones to shop online now so nice bright photos help there too.
I suggest taking them in natural light with a light background so that you can see all the colours in the scarf- I’m also with people on adding a close up photo so you can see the texture of the scarf.
I would also add more information to your description. I know there’s probably only so much you can say about a scarf- but I always think you need to make it sound appealing as apposed to just 100% factual.
Maybe take a peek at some other success shops on here and see what they do. :blush:

All the best with it! I hope you have fun- and this forum is a great place to come for advice- I always find everyone on here really helpful.

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Thanks so much taken on board xx

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Hi Stella, welcome to Folksy, good luck with your new venture :slight_smile:
Jan x

Thanks so much kind regards xx

Hi Stella! Welcome to the Folksy forum. I think it’s the most friendly one around-lots of great advice and chat. Good luck with your shop-your scarves look lovely!

Sam x