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What did I miss?

(Nobias Art) #1

Hi everyone :smile:
I have just reopened my shop after some break, missing the hectic Christmas period. Totally my fault, but chose to go for a 5 weeks holiday :wink: What did I miss?
Did everyone have had million orders? Was it a smooth or a rushed, hectic festive period?
Good to be back, being a part of the community and can’t wait to learn more and more and have a few more sales :smile:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

Thought of hadn’t seen you for a while hope you enjoyed your break.
Christmas was okay. I had afew sales and was very happy.

(Karen Ellam) #3

Hi, and welcome back. I hope you had a lovely break.

I had quite a few sales during the December period which was lovely. It wasn’t hectic, more like a steady trickle which was a nice balance around my day job.

Here’s to a great year of sales for us all :beers:

(Nobias Art) #4

That is brilliant, i think is great that we are not greedy and get super happy and excited for a few orders as well :smile: Holiday was smashing! :smiley:

(Nobias Art) #5

Hi Karen,

Holiday was long and great :smiley:
I think the steady normal amount of sales are so much better and not as stressful as a huge peak order period :smile:
Wish you all the best for next year as well! Hope we all succeed :slight_smile: