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I'm finally back

(Karen McPherson) #1

Well my 2 week break ended up being 3 due to family problems but I’m back now and feel like i’m starting at the beginning with my shop lol.

Aaaaaargh :smile:

Karen xx

(Donna) #2

Welcome back Karen :smile:
Donna x

(Karen Ellam) #3

Hi Karen

Welcome back. It always feels strange taking your shop back out of holiday mode.

Karen :grinning:

(Myfanwys Appliques) #4

Welcome Back! I have to close my shops for two weeks soon and I hate doing it. When I didn’t have as much stock I used to take it with me in the caravan! I don’t think I can get away with it now!!

Rosalind x

(Karen McPherson) #5

Thanks everyone. It will take a couple of days to get back into the swing of things.

The good and bad of holidays eh lol

(Elaine) #6

welcome back x

(Birdandmonkey) #7

Hi from a newbie x

(Lynn Britton) #8

Welcome back Karen.
Lynn x