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What do you think of this for customer service?

I ordered a sheet from Amazon. It was posted on 6th May and has not turned up. It is not at my delivery office so I contacted the seller and they said that not only must I wait for the full 15 days before saying that the item is lost, but that I also have to wait for RM to investigate and then refund the seller in full before I get my refund/replacement. I’m staggered. That just doesn’t seem right to me.

That’s correct tbh. As the item is not declared lost until then by the royal mail and it could still turn up on your door step.

If the seller was to refund you or send another item you could end up with both the money and the item or 2 items.

I don’t mind the 15 days so much - it’s the waiting for RM to launch an investigation and then refund the seller first. Don’t buyers have any protection at all?

Well, things are looking up as I have contacted Amazon and I am covered by their A-Z Buying Guarantee which means I can file for a refund on Monday.

I was going to say contact amazon liz.
They are really good with these.things.

I can understand waiting until it’s officially considered lost.

But the rest sounds like a seller that is ignorant of the rules. There’s no reason to make you wait until they get refunded because, if the parcel doesn’t show up, they have to refund you regardless of whether RM refunds them or not.

I’m sure Amazon will set the seller straight on the distance selling regulations when it comes to lost mail. :slight_smile:

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After I’d gotten in touch with Amazon, they emailed the seller (sending me a copy) simply saying “send another” and within half an hour I had an email from the seller asking me to confirm my address so they could send me another sheet. Now that’s consumer power.

That’s brilliant news liz.
Amazon do get things sorted quickly.
I had a problem at Christmas. I ordered three items but only one turned up.
And this was two day before posting stopped.
Well they sent me replacements and I got them before Christmas.
I also got a voucher card too for the inconvenience.